AFL Round 12 – Carlton v Hawthorn: The Game is different down south

It’s tough in the clinches, as Tony Robb and colleagues find out down in the docks. It’s a different game they play in the south.

AFL Round 12 – Hawthorn v Carlton: There’s no victory in a brave defeat

On a big night out, Callum O’Connor hits the ground with an assortment of mates, and someone’s going to be unhappy. Even the luxury of premiership seats can’t protect you from the harsh reality of injury and a loss. [We have seen the future, and it’s looking good. Terrific piece from one of our young stars. Ed]

AFL Round 12 – Carlton v Hawthorn: Shambolic frolic

Peter Blenkinsop kept one eye on his son training with the Under 10s and the other on the big screen on the club room wall. The game plans and some skills were not dissimilar.

AFL Round 12 – Carlton v Hawthorn: Statistically A Perfect 10

Hawthorn may have their eyes on the bigger prize, but encounters like Friday night mean just as much for their fans, especially Armin Richter. He missed out on 10 consecutive wins against the Blues in the 80s and he wanted that record on Friday night.