AFL Round 12 – Richmond v Adelaide: ‘One of them days’

Richo used to be Richmond’s identity. These days it’s more of a collective thing.

AFL Round 12 – Carlton v Hawthorn: The Game is different down south

It’s tough in the clinches, as Tony Robb and colleagues find out down in the docks. It’s a different game they play in the south.

AFL Round 12 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: cold comfort

Haiku Bob on round 12.

AFL Round 12: Winners and Losers

The stars run riot, Carlton squanders another opportunity, and the case against priority picks for Melbourne. And then there was Adelaide, again. Adam Ritchie sums up another thumping round.

AFL Round 12 – Hawthorn v Carlton: There’s no victory in a brave defeat

On a big night out, Callum O’Connor hits the ground with an assortment of mates, and someone’s going to be unhappy. Even the luxury of premiership seats can’t protect you from the harsh reality of injury and a loss. [We have seen the future, and it’s looking good. Terrific piece from one of our young stars. Ed]

AFL Round 12 – Essendon v Gold Coast: Hey Joe

Jake Norton is sewing the number 6 to his duffel coat but not just for his second-game heroics. Word is the young man can hold his own with the sledging, too.

AFL Round 12 – Carlton v Hawthorn: Shambolic frolic

Peter Blenkinsop kept one eye on his son training with the Under 10s and the other on the big screen on the club room wall. The game plans and some skills were not dissimilar.

AFL Round 12 – GWS v Port Adelaide: Confessions of a secret Port Supporter

Daria Hansen fell in love with a passionate Port supporter. (How passionate? He likens President Koch to Nelson Mandela.) She survived the 2007 Grand Final, but can she survive a visit to the scene of last year’s disaster?

Cornes, Black, and other club games record holders

As Cobba rounds up the stats for Round 12, he contemplates two record-breaking milestones (and how they compare with his own efforts).

AFL Round 12 – Fremantle v Brisbane: Like a bag of spuds

His favourite seagull missing from its usual spot in the forward pocket; Jeff Farmer seemingly out of the side; conditions cold enough for the grog sheds of the WAFL to overflow with punters seeking warmth; it was going to be a tough day at Subiaco for Fremantle fan Peter Mudie. Still, four points…

AFL Round 12 – GWS Giants v Port Adelaide: Boys against men

For all the talk of the Giants becoming a powerhouse, Earl O’Neill sees gaping holes in their list. Still, their opponents across the bridge have shown how quickly it can be turned around.

AFL Round 12 – Richmond v Adelaide: The Basket Press Cup

While the typical football homily is to take it one week at a time the narrative for Richmond over the past 31 years has been about each season being another false dawn. Finally in 2013 it looks as if the sun is legitimately coming up.

AFL Round 12 – Essendon v Gold Coast: Play it again, Joe

Sam was worried – Essendon’s form against the expansion clubs isn’t good, and the Suns were actually in form. Then along came Joe.

AFL Round 12 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: Life as a barracker

Bulldogs fan Kerrie Soraghan faced the great existential questions of football when facing another forgettable loss on Sunday afternoon: Why am I here, and why does it matter? She finds an answer in the most unlikely of places.

AFL Round 12 – Richmond v Adelaide: Fun on our patch

John Green – and 40,000 other Richmond tragics – played a part in stopping at least one Adelaide goal at the MCG on Saturday. There’s much to love about these home games against interstate sides.

AFL Round 12 – GWS Giants v Port Adelaide: One step forwards, three steps back

What a waste, writes Giants fan Steve Duffy. What a way to retard your development. At least there’s 2017 to look forward to. (Steve, better ask those Tigers fans how successful those five-year plans normally are…Ed)

AFL Round 12 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs (Floreat Pica): And…..?

Collingwood’s first half was its best football of the season. If it had played with that level of intensity against Essendon and Freo it would be 10/2 rather than 8/4, says Dave Nadel. Its second half on the other hand…

AFL Round 12 – Richmond v Adelaide: Season smashed to smithereens

Rajesh Singh missed Adelaide’s final quarter heroics against North Melbourne due to an early flight. History didn’t repeat, but what can the Crows do now to avoid a repeat of this season next year?

AFL Round 12 Review: The Wrap

What do last year’s Windy Hill experiments mean for future father-son selections at Windy Hill, asks The Wrapster, and has the no holds barred umpiring gone too far? (This coming from The Wrapster – Ed.)

AFL Round 12 – Fremantle v Brisbane: A Black day for Brisbane

This game was all about Simon Black, so the decision to sub him off left Lions fan Andrew Weiss ropable. Maybe it’s time to hand Voss the red vest and sub him out of the coaches box, he writes.