The Parade College Writing Workshop – Patrick Neal: Hawthorn’s 2013 redemption

The year is 2013 and Patrick Neal, a Grade 9 student at Parade College, is yearning for his Hawks to get revenge after their 2012 Grand Final loss. While watching the 2013 Grand Final with family, his dreams come true.

2013 – A Season in Song: Grand Final Edition

One last chance for airwave glory in 2013. Swish Schwerdt concludes his search for song glory on the Coodabeens.

Follow that dream: the fairytale of Jonathan Simpkin

Ron Wells now lives far away from the penetrine and orange slices of yesteryear and wonders why he still cares about grey Melbourne winters and football. On Grand Final day, he contemplates the dreams of players, the lamentations of fans, and the fairytale of one neglected player who lived his dream.

The best review of the 2013 AFL season you will hear

This is the poem Dave Warner recited at The Footy Almanac Grand Final Eve Lunch and later that night at The Caravan Club (where this was taped).

AFL Grand Final: Bad Sex

The Grand Final left Matt Zurbo mightily unsatisfied.

AFL Grand Final: Docker’s best year in history for no reward

Mickyo bleeds purple for his beloved Dockers, as he revisits the best and worst day of his life.

From Waverley with love

As a teenager Jo Toscano wore a brown parka with a yellow No.3 stuck to the back. She relives her lifelong love of Hawthorn (bring back Waverley!) while watching the Hawks win a cherished flag.

AFL Grand Final: I went the Corp; 14 days on, Beautiful-Ugly, 11.11 Heaven, Tears, Redemption and Elvis.

Paul Campbell’s body goes corporate for the big game; but his mind is elsewhere. Think you can’t stand another Hawthorn gloat? Think again.

AFL Grand Final: Daydream Island

Matt Quartermaine watches the Grand Final in Queensland, but his mind is on weightier matters. He coins a wonderful new term “insinserendipity” that is a lock for the next Macquarie Dictionary.

AFL Grand Final: The Price You Pay – A Fairytale

It was the fairytale the public weren’t expecting, the Cinderella Hawks. Rick Kane argues that there were two standout periods that made this Grand Final great.

AFL Grand Final: Riding the bumps with a grin

Well, it took a prod and a push, but it had to come eventually folks. Sasha Lennon gives the unexpurgated Hawthorn view of the Grand Final. [He tries hard to be generous, but it’s very difficult for them – Ed]

AFL Grand Final: Taking it in from the shores of Upper North Hawthorn

Our Noosa correspondent Sean Curtain surveys Grand Final week from the Sunshine State. His Hawk offspring found it Grand Final one day, perfect the next.

AFL Grand Final: It is spelt R.E.L.I.E.F.

The aftermath of the Grand Final was euphoric celebration. It was all clapping, cheering and elation but most of all, for Armin Richter it was relief. This was the Grand Final that Hawthorn just couldn’t afford to lose.

Grand Final Review – Pepsi or Coke?

Looking for an all rounder to open the batting in the quaddie; cover the slips in the AFL trade rules; and bowl over the flaws in the Ross Lyon game plan? Sal Ciardulli has all the bases covered: more reliable than Watto and more likeable than Stuart Broad.

Dockerland Diagrams

They may be disappointed, but these gems from the Dockerland website show that Freo fans have retained their sense of humour.

AFL Grand Final: Fearless – Like Highlander, there can be only one!

Finally, the football club once synonymous with flaky was now a force. The Dockers’ faithful started the migratory patterns east towards the code’s September mecca, the MCG. Would it be the start of a Purple Reign? (Spoiler: No.)

AFL Grand Final: Mighty Fighting

A couple of Tasmanians get right into the Grand Final.

AFL Grand Final: Three-time loser

Ross Lyon is a three-time loser who keeps creating unfortunate history. Matt Watson looks at why the margin flattered the Dockers.

AFL Grand Final Day: Chook or Chop?

It’s chook that connects us…and footy, and a drink or two. (Mighty fine profile of a Grand Final day wherever it may be. People from everywhere somehow bringing something of themselves, their heritage, their place, to a new location – Ed)

Suffer the Little Children: KFC and the 2013 Grand Final.

“To the nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken joint my good man, and don’t spare the horses”.