AFL Finals Week 2 – Geelong v Port Adelaide: Kenny, Travis and the love of the game

“The Wrong Dreams of the dullards and egotists and meglomaniacs of footy look even further from the mark than they already did” writes John Harms in describing the restorative powers of the first round of the finals in this piece about the Cats past few weeks.

AFL Finals Week 2 – Sydney v Carlton: A blue road trip

Tony Reed rode the rollercoaster that was Carlton’s season all the way to the end.

AFL Finals Week 2: Bula!

Paul Thomson watches the finals from Fiji.

AFL Finals Week 2 – Sydney v Carlton: Class of 2013

Class of 2013, please be seated. Mr Judd, Henderson, Jamison, Walker, Murphy, Simpson and Robinson may leave the room. Last week I was ambivalent about the class’ attendance in the end of year celebrations. This week, I’m just very, well, as you can see I have my angry face on. Students, if the lucky dip [Read more]

AFL Finals Week 2 – Sydney v Carlton: If the road is easy, you’re going the wrong way

Saturday night and as the temperature dips I’m swept up in a sea of people pouring into Olympic Park. The hopeful, the confident, the desperate and the drunk, all wanting a win. This is most definitely The Last Chance. In just over two hours some of us will be singing, the rest shambling out looking [Read more]

AFL Finals Week 2 – Geelong v Port Adelaide: Payback can wait

Port’s massive Grand Final loss to Geelong in 2007 pushed it to the brink. It didn’t exact revenge on Friday night but they’re on the right track, writes Dan Hansen.

AFL Finals Week 2 – Sydney v Carlton: End of the line

It was a helluva ride this year but being out of the finals has its upside, writes Barb Smith, who now vows to concentrate on other parts of her life.

AFL Finals Week 2 – Preview: Predictable? Or otherwise?

John Harms opts for predictable games this weekend. But he was 1 from 4 last week – saved from a duck egg by Carlton.

AFL Finals Week 2 – Preview: Get Stuffed! Get stuffed!

Is it worse to bow out in week one of the finals or avoid the scrutiny and not make them at all?