What footballers can learn from Conor McGregor

How can you become a better sportsperson? According to Jackson Clark it’s all in the mind, and as such, he suggests more time and resources should be devoted to helping young athletes achieve their true potential in sport.

AFL Finals Week 2 – Geelong v Port Adelaide: Kenny, Travis and the love of the game

“The Wrong Dreams of the dullards and egotists and meglomaniacs of footy look even further from the mark than they already did” writes John Harms in describing the restorative powers of the first round of the finals in this piece about the Cats past few weeks.

Joy of joys: writing during the finals

Everyone is welcome to write pieces about the finals – as always.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Collingwood v Port Adelaide (Haiku Bob): when blossoms fall

Haiku Bob on the elimination final.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Collingwood v Port Adelaide: Chelsea’s glorious double falcon

Chelsea Roffey’s double falcon seemed to inspire the Port boys to victory in front of thousands of their loyal fans.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Richmond v Carlton: The port stays sealed

Matt Watson inherited a bottle of Richmond’s 1980 premiership port, to be opened when the Tigers win another grand final. He’s not hopeful.

September Dreams

A fairy tale Inspired by C. Judd – 3 Votes, “Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak and in hope of dreams to come for my son.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Richmond v Carlton: A Family Tree Of Tigers

Liam Quin’s grandfather was a proud Tiger. He passed away the week before their first final. A trip to Yarrawonga to bid him farewell brought many memories, all steeped in yellow and black.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Journey’s End.

There is always a defining moment in the match that all football faithful dread. The dark night-time of the soul for the true believers. That moment is the unwelcome arrival of reality.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Fremantle: Upsets everywhere …almost

Paul Spinks was worried the talk and controversy about a home final would prove to be a distraction for the Cats, but it was Fremantle’s hunger that saw them victorious.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Richmond v Carlton: So this is what we’ve been missing

Tigers fan John Green now wonders if it’s better not to make the finals than to endure what happened on Sunday. He longs for the familiar comfort of following a team that no-one expects to win.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Collingwood v Port Adelaide: So much teal

A surreal night for Luke Reynolds at the ‘G – teal as far as the eye could see, West Coast fans disguised as Port supporters, and a post-game performance that left him shaken to the core.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Hawthorn v Sydney: The case of the missing team

A curious case for Sherlock Holmes – two teams go down the race at half time yet only one emerges. What to make of it all?

AFL Finals Week 1: Grouseness starts here

Finals: A special occasion for the provincial port towns and those that finish ninth.

AFL Finals Week 1: The View from Shepparton

Winners and losers all over the place on Saturday and then there was the weekend footy as well. For me that was definitely a glass half full half empty situation as well. As ever I was really hoping that Sydney would clean up Hawthorn but did not hold high hopes of this eventuality. Just as [Read more]

AFL Finals Week 1: The Wrap

Who wins The Wrap’s seal of approval in Round 1 of The Finals? The Mayblooms, the Tealers or the Silvertails? It couldn’t be the Striped Marvels could it? Surely not. Take it away Wrapster.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Fremantle: A long day

Standing on the Gary Ablett Terrace on Saturday, Stephen Cooke thought Fremantle had ended Geelong’s premiership chances. Now, he’s looking forward to squaring up in the Grand Final.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Who Gives a Toss

After a half of uninspired Malthouse football, did someone find Ratten’s old magnet board at half time?

AFL Finals Week 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Half full/half empty

Richmond lost after leading at half time. Still, at least they finished the season above Collingwood, writes Noel McPhee.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Fremantle: Walk On

Fremantle were too good; too accomplished. They split Geelong open with brutal precision, but you lick your wounds and move forward, says Dips O’Donnell.