A feline struggle in a sea of purple and orange

“Forget the footy!” “ It’s about Glory this weekend!” “ How long have we waited for this!” I think I heard these comments over a dozen times each on the weekend when in Brisbane to watch the A-League Grand Final. The two sporting teams that I pigeonhole under ‘By pain of death’ as far as [Read more]

Swimming For Life

Sometimes sport can surprise you in an unexpected way. It can catch you off guard and make you reassess. But perhaps it’s not the sport so much as it is the participants. Last Sunday I was at a swimming carnival. It was held at the Doug Ellis Pool on the grounds of Monash University in [Read more]

The Old Firm Saves the Day

It’s a balmy and breezy Sunday at Kardinia Park. While it’s a problematic zephyr for wig wearers, it’s a beautiful wind to unfurl a premiership flag. A flag success that many thought could not be achieved by an ageing list, a virgin coach and sans number 29. The now biennial flag unfurling conducted by retired [Read more]

Glum? Or not so Glum?

Geelong v Richmond.  Sunday 22 April 2012. Was this the game? Following a forgettable pre-season and a shaky start to the season my cup-o-pessimism (tastes like sour grapes, and not from a good vintage) has been brimmed.  The Cats look like they’ve been staggering, not with a premiership hangover, but with premiership gout.  They’ve supped [Read more]