Twenty Twelve: A Tale Of Two Games

PC Paterson reports from two footy games he attended this year – the first featured the team he barracked for in an irrational sense, the second featured the team that lives closest to his current address. Similar margins at the end of the game, yet utterly different feelings.


  by Bernie Tuck As we get older we start thinking about what Heaven is like. Topless angels serving boutique beers and the like . I have now discovered Heaven: Saturday afternoon at the MCG. With your son. Fine day. Essendon supporters. Playing Carlton. Three quarter time. Essendon seven goals up. At the back of [Read more]

Expectations Overturned

First game of footy for me this season and you couldn’t wish for a better day.  After a cool foggy morning, the sun burst through just before eleven o’clock and we were treated to a first class day, warm  with just a hint of a zephyr, love that word zephyr.  And what a picture the [Read more]

Essendon win twice

Today was the first tennis match of the season. We were versing old rivals on a cold wet Saturday morning. As I am number one in my team, I play the first singles and don’t get the luxury of warming up in the doubles especially with my sore shoulder. The courts were wet under foot [Read more]