AFL Round 22 – Richmond vs Essendon: Yellow and Black

Big week. Footy on a Friday night. Everything is at peace in the world. Coming into this game, I couldn’t help but think to myself that this is a game between a team that lost to Melbourne and a team that lost to Gold Coast. Both teams had real chances to make the finals. But [Read more]

AFL Round 22 – Richmond v Essendon: The same old thing

It has certainly been a long few weeks for my favourite club. Heavy losses started against St Kilda and Collingwood and ended with a complete embarrassment against Carlton last week. My friends luckily didn’t bag me about it. This week we needed to win to be mathematically possible of even making eighth spot. That wasn’t [Read more]

AFL Round 22 – Richmond v Essendon: Even the Tigers are better than us!

I am at a loss trying to come to grips with the 2012 Essendon dieback. I watched most of the game against Richmond,  sometimes it got too bad for me and I stopped watching. Let’s not forget how much we love to thump the Tigers, and how much we love to laugh at them when [Read more]

AFL Round 22 – Richmond v Essendon: Schadenfreude

The German term “schadenfreude” is beautifully efficient – a single word when in English we need seven (taking pleasure in the misfortunes of others). Richmond was hardly efficient last night but the ease with which the Bombers were brushed aside was breathtaking. And enjoyable.  As Essendon’s abortive 2012 campaign played out its last dismal rites, the schadenfreude flowed [Read more]