Among Saints

Geelong versus St. Kilda 7.50pm, Friday, 21 August 2012 Etihad Stadium, Melbourne “Do you want to come into the rooms and meet the players?” asked Bob the doorman. We were at Linton Street, the old home of the Saints. We snuck in under a wire fence at the Doonga Avenue end of the ground. The [Read more]

AFL Round 21 – Geelong v St Kilda: Friday Freedom

Friday afternoon. One of my favourite times of the week. When I was teaching it was beers after a flat-out week of Maths and History and organising rugby and basketball training (yes, I coached rugby, and at an accreditation clinic I even packed down with the Queensland scrum. I have had my head in Tony [Read more]

Haiku Bob: slipping moon

Haiku Bob: slipping moon…

AFL Round 21 – Geelong v St Kilda: Yelling at the telly

My wife doesn’t yell at the television. She’s from German aristocracy. I married way above my station.

AFL Round 21 – Fremantle v Richmond: Too little too late?

  Richmond is now officially a mathematical chance to play finals – next year. The Tigers have shown some good late season form (if we block out Saturday’s insipid performance against Fremantle in Perth), but it is hard to get excited after those losses we didn’t have to have stuffed yet another potential finals appearance. [Read more]

AFL Round 21 – Winners and Losers: North are the anti-Essendon

Round 21 saw the Swans go clear atop the ladder, Adelaide lose in shocking circumstances, West Coast get a sniff at a top four spot once again, North Melbourne continue their late season surge, Fremantle climb into the eight, and Essendon get crushed yet again. So not much really.

AFL Round 21 – Collingwood v North Melbourne: The family club

Nephew Lukey was the lone family representative at Etihad on Saturday night. He went with his mate and his dad from across the road. My sister Anne had spent the week counselling him on appropriate behaviour in the face of both victory and defeat. Lukey doesn’t always handle either imposter too well. No prizes for [Read more]

Top Four Battle

By Cody Lane The top four battle has been intriguing all year, but never as much as now. As a Hawks supporter, I looked at this round as the round where the Hawkers could move into the top 2. In my opinion finishing top four is vital for us so that we get home finals. [Read more]

AFL Round 21 – Western Bulldogs v Sydney: The Appetizer

By Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens The restaurant was busy that time of night. Like other Springvale eateries, the décor was simple, but the flavour was strong. Again, I was the only person with white hair in sight. A mixture of languages filled the air, and the waiters had a sense of urgency. On the worn, cream-coloured [Read more]

Floreat Pica: Reality Bites

By John Ramsdale Some coaches talk about winning quarters. We won an eighth. In my previous report it was mentioned that it was very long. I was tempted to write. “We was ordinary” and send the votes to Steve and be done with it. After reading this you may say, you should have.

Tom Waterhouse and the AFL make an unpleasant combination

Geez, I never thought the presence of someone on the TV would give me the jimmy grits so much. 4 generations of betting knowledge in my blood…give me a break! It’s more than Tom though…everywhere I go, everything I listen to, every time I put my tips in, every footy game I go to – [Read more]

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Twenty One

Greetings Tipstsers Predictions, projections and prognostications have been propelled into a pointless pile of piffle. Where once we wallowed in a world of near certainty, now we walk warily in a universe wherein anything might happen. For, dear reader, it now does appear that any of the Top Seven could beat any other of the [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Round 21

My mob beat the Adelaide pretenders, no one can take them seriously now. They cannot play away from Footbrawl Park and that is that. On the other hand, what a  magnificent comeback from my mob. 38 points down at quarter time and then they gradually reeled them in. They are definitely the Richmond of the [Read more]

Melbourne supporters at home in snow

It snowed in Canberra on Friday. Rugging up is required today. I’m wearing a singlet, skivvy, Giants t-shirt, bottom thermals, long winter pants, a polar fleece jacket, polar fleece lined waterproof  coat , beanie, scarf, gloves, shoes and socks. I also have a warm blanket in my bag. One woman sitting nearby is wearing three pairs [Read more]

Coming around

At our wedding, 10 years and a bit ago, the blushing bride joked that I had a choice: she would take either my surname or my football team. Silly thing to joke about, really. She still has her own surname, and for the best part of this century has half-heartedly gone along with the idea [Read more]

The Wrap – Round XXI

THE WRAP – ROUND XXI WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL And what a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  On Friday night The Handbags led at every change, seeing off a second half challenge, to send The Saints marching back to Seaford for Season 2012. Come Saturday and it was Boilover time.  First it was The [Read more]

People’s Elbow tribute sinks in mud

This was intended to be a ‘People’s Elbow’ tribute. Or possibly a gratuitous rip-off. It would be filled with short, punchy paragraphs which were frequently humorous and even more frequently vengeful against my own team. There was to be a photo or two, possibly a youtube clip and a lather of footnotes. All of these [Read more]

The Reverend remains faithful in Afghanistan

I lazily roll out of bed and wander down to the shops. “Salaam alaekum.” This isn’t Sydney Rd, Brunswick. This is Kabul, Afghanistan. I grab the basics – bread, eggs, juice – and introduce a new (expat) neighbour to my bootleg booze dealer; a teenage shop assistant called Sadam Hussein. That’s his actual name. He [Read more]

Holidaying on Fantasy Island

By John Green Where else would Richmond supporters stay in Perth, but Richardson’s Hotel and Spa in Richardson Street? At number 32 no less, Ben Cousin’s ID at Tigerland. Richmond is taking on Fremantle. While it’s a sunny Saturday morning on this side of the country with a projected maximum of 24 degrees, it’s 15 [Read more]

Eddie Betts’s shorts the highlight

By Rod Oaten As far as I’m concerned the highlight of the game was the size of Eddie Bett’s shorts. I used to blame the Brotherhood for not finding him a better size, but I recently read an article on John Nicholls and I reckon Eddie  found a pair made for him all those years [Read more]