Was that Assumption Day that just went by?

It will come as no surprise to anyone (especially to The Handicapper) that I didn’t know what day it was on Wednesday. I see, now, it was Assumption Day all around the Christian world (except for Brisbane , where it was the Ekka holiday – but that’s another story). It is a day of Holy [Read more]

Who are the Untouchables?

Happy Olympic Hangover to all, London has come and gone with the Aussies not reaching the maddening heights expected by the masses, but actually performing to expectations of the rationalists save for our less than expected return from the pool.  But we can now look forward to the happiest time of the year, September through [Read more]

View from Shepparton

I don’t know when it happened but during the last  fortnight my long standing antipathy to all things English gradually dissipated and as they had success after success in that second week of the Olympic Games I found myself thinking, “Well good luck to you, you deserve all that you have achieved and more”. In [Read more]

We can win this

WEST COAST EAGLES v GEELONG SUBIACO OVAL, 6.40pm, FRIDAY AUGUST 10th “Faith is belief in the absence of proof.” So sayeth a wise man (can’t remember who). And the faith of the Eagles flock had been tested over the past 6 weeks as injuries mounted and form waned.   Then the Lord sent Catmanackers a sign [Read more]

Big Man Dominance

Big Man Dominance West Coast v Geelong Friday 8:30 Patersons Stadium, Perth I now officially hate the Geelong Football Club. The Cats always seem to find a way to defeat (my team) the Hawks. Last week I witnessed yet another close loss for my beloved Hawks with a long bomb after the siren by Hawkins [Read more]