Was that Assumption Day that just went by?

It will come as no surprise to anyone (especially to The Handicapper) that I didn’t know what day it was on Wednesday. I see, now, it was Assumption Day all around the Christian world (except for Brisbane , where it was the Ekka holiday – but that’s another story). It is a day of Holy [Read more]

Best On Ground…Or Not

Best On Ground… Or Not.   I watched the Doggies vs Tigers last week. In a small butchering shed on a hill, just down my track.  It was a good enough game for two teams not quite anywhere, yet again. Boyd played well for the Dogs, with pride. He reminded me of a pro. Half [Read more]

Who are the Untouchables?

Happy Olympic Hangover to all, London has come and gone with the Aussies not reaching the maddening heights expected by the masses, but actually performing to expectations of the rationalists save for our less than expected return from the pool.  But we can now look forward to the happiest time of the year, September through [Read more]

Chasing the Giants in warmer climes

As the winter  weather had been particularly cold in the Snowy Mountains, when I saw cheap flights to the Gold Coast, I didn’t think, I booked, ($30  one way Sydney to Gold Coast) .The Giants were playing the Suns at Metricon Stadium in round 20.After  a pleasant morning relaxing in the sunshine and wriggling my [Read more]

where there’s no light

    setting sun far fr o m it Beams where there’s no light     wet under foot Harry’s careful side steps through traffic     rain falls swirling & bobbing up Didak     sliver of moon Fasolo threads it through     on & off rain Cloke’s form blurred     night closes in two and a half [Read more]

Olympic Fever

I don’t really know where to begin. It must be the weather. Over the last few weeks things have gone from bad to worse for Essendon and my tennis team. It’s not that our tennis team has played badly; it’s just that we have had so many washouts and the team who is coming second [Read more]

Sir Trent Cotchin

by Ben Lannen.   Richmond vs Bulldogs Round 20 2012 It’s not often I commend an AFL decision, but a 3:15pm start allowed me to attend the footy after an horrendous weekend shift, to see my beloved ‘Yellow and Black’ cubs take on our somewhat ‘rivals’; the ever significant football club, Footscray… sorry, Western Bulldogs. At [Read more]

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Twenty

Greetings Tipsters Hunkered down on the couch to watch the rematch of the Schoolies and the Barbecues, we were informed that it came from some place known as Metricon Stadium and I said “What the hell is a Metricon?” It came to me all at once, with great thuds of earth shaking import, 400 feet [Read more]

Rd20 2012 FEARLESS: Adios Olympics! After much ado, see you in Rio 2016!

It’s fair to say that MADNESS played well at the start of the Olympics closing ceremony. The ska/reggae/pop champions of the 80s haven’t been live on TV since an episode of The Young Ones when they played at the pub frequented rarely by the unruly 4 students. In keeping with the MADNESS theme…when a bloke [Read more]

The importance of being Ablett

I had my first Metricon Stadium experience last Saturday night, as the Gold Coast played host to Queensland’s inaugural Expansion Derby. With a community atmosphere unlike any major stadium I have ever been to, the Suns’ home ground brings a touch of the grassroots to the elite football environment, much like the side itself. It [Read more]

View from Shepparton

I don’t know when it happened but during the last  fortnight my long standing antipathy to all things English gradually dissipated and as they had success after success in that second week of the Olympic Games I found myself thinking, “Well good luck to you, you deserve all that you have achieved and more”. In [Read more]

Boomer rises to the occasion – again

 By Glenn Sullivan The usually friendly stadium is hostile tonight.  They have given us a tiny section for the cheer squad behind the goals but otherwise there are only smatterings of the royal blue in amongst the sea of red and black all around the stadium.

Floreat Pica: Sydney v Collingwood

By Bangkok correspondent Paul McKay The train trip from central Sydney out to ANZ stadium was one of those entertaining footy crowd train journeys. Lots of cheery footy fans bubbling away at the anticipation of a big game, with first playing second on the ladder. Of particular note were two tall Sydney fans in bright [Read more]

The Wrap Round XX

THE WRAP – ROUND XX – WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL And what a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  On Friday night The Weagles did a Hawthorn on The Cats; the difference being that they regained the lead to beat a Gallant but undermanned Geelong side. The Olympics settled down for you after the swimmers [Read more]

Psalm 89:46

How long, O Lord? Will you hide yourself forever? How long will your wrath burn like fire? While Ms Gillard struggles with our nation’s weighty border issues its high time Barry cast his bleak eye Albury way to shore up our state boundaries. The scene at ANZ on Saturday night shows that the normal wards [Read more]

To Be or Not to Be…(in the finals)

It’s all about probabilities and who else wins and continuing to win and it’s all too complex for this footy brain.  When your CEO tells Saints fans in Adelaide after a 4 point loss in Round 12 that we’re looking forward to NEXT year, well, your expectations are somewhat diminished.  Perhaps the players and the [Read more]

It takes two to tanko – a McLean pas de deux

By Neil Anderson Just a few rounds to go which makes it interesting to see how teams will cope ‘dancing’ around the ‘T’ word.Bulldogs verses Tigers on Sunday will give an early indication of which company has put in the hard yards at rehearsals to prepare for season 2013. On the face of it, the Bulldogs [Read more]

We can win this

WEST COAST EAGLES v GEELONG SUBIACO OVAL, 6.40pm, FRIDAY AUGUST 10th “Faith is belief in the absence of proof.” So sayeth a wise man (can’t remember who). And the faith of the Eagles flock had been tested over the past 6 weeks as injuries mounted and form waned.   Then the Lord sent Catmanackers a sign [Read more]

Big Man Dominance

Big Man Dominance West Coast v Geelong Friday 8:30 Patersons Stadium, Perth I now officially hate the Geelong Football Club. The Cats always seem to find a way to defeat (my team) the Hawks. Last week I witnessed yet another close loss for my beloved Hawks with a long bomb after the siren by Hawkins [Read more]

The Pre-Wrap – Round XX

FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Brad Green has followed Brad Miller, Cameron Bruce, Brock Mclean & James McDonald out the door at Melbourne.  You’ve been a Loyal Servant of The Club Brad, and you’ve given us some great moments.  After the monstering you and your teammates received [Read more]