Round 2, 2012- Collingwood v Richmond

by John Carr Having decided early in the week to sit this game out in terms of attendance, (three tiddlywinks, a wife working weekends…something’s got to give) I booked myself a night in front of the box to watch my Richmond tackle the Pies. Sounds simple enough? What on earth was I thinking? Making dumplings [Read more]

Purple patch

  Round 2 Collingwood vs. Richmond: Easter Saturday 8th May 2012 by John Ramsdale Purple Patch: “An exceptional period of time when someone experiences success, good fortune or luck.” Vaudeville performers from the early 1900’s allegedly had a saying, “Never follow an animal or a child act.” This was supposedly on the grounds that these [Read more]

still the crowd

  Good Friday – we discuss who ought to be culled Easter Saturday – we enter the game without our leader a shot at goal brings howls from the crowd – full moon no wind missed kicks still the crowd autumn night nothing much going on except Pendlebury dusk – Daisy splits the night into [Read more]

Nobody hates us anymore

The problem for Richmond is that we don’t rate at all on the football hatred scale. No-one even tells jokes about us. I am with my Magpie-supporting mate, Grant, on a crowded express train  jetting past Victoria Park on the way to the MCG for the Collingwood-Richmond clash. The voice of the train driver is [Read more]

A lil bit of Essendon and a whole lotta Collingwood

  What started as Father-Daughter Footyday became Father-Daughter-Uncle Footyday :) First we hit Etihad Stadium to watch my uncle John’s Bombers beat Port Adelaide.