AFL Round 19 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Oui are Geelong.

    I should have had a spring in my step as I strolled through the canal-enveloped streets of the Belgium hamlet of Brugge -the place they call the ‘Venice Of The North’. I had spent the previous fortnight savouring all the delights that a Mediterranean summer can offer. The Bride and I bounced the [Read more]

I just knew it

Hawthorn vs Geelong Round 19 2012. I don’t get along to see the Hawks as often as I should, but a Hawks fan these days should never miss a Hawks Geelong game, and as a result, I think 6 of the last 10 games I’ve been to have been a Hawks loss to Geelong (stretching [Read more]

How the Geelong Football Club helped me fall in love with Basil Zempilas

  Last night, or early Friday morning really, as the Germans and the Australians went flat out in the hockey (and I saw a couple of the calmest sporting officials of all time), I was moved to the ponderable. A few ponderings surfaced: is it appropriate to write a match report of a sporting fixture [Read more]

Just a man with a ball

AFL Round 19 Hawthorn v Geelong By Susie Giese   They were packing up. Mum getting ready to leave bang on the siren, Darren wanting to go now, now, NOW! “I’m not leaving early,” I said, gritting my teeth. “We’re staying ’til the end.” One fifth of my reasoning was never giving those worst-examples-of-their-kind Hawks [Read more]

A bit of sport on the weekend

I saw a bit of sport on the weekend. A bit more than usual. All of it live. Missed some as well – two games of football and a game of netball. I will usually go out of my way to miss a game of netball. Most of the games had good outcomes. But there [Read more]

The song remains the same

We’re sitting in the All Nations Hotel on Friday afternoon. Yeatesy is leaning on the fireplace telling us about the 1989 Grand Final; about the day he knocked The Kid on his arse, bruised his spleen in fact. Yeatesy is a beauty; a raw boned country footballer made-good, the quintessential six foot three and three [Read more]

Cats Allegiance

We’ve done it again–defied the odds that is! Speaking of odds, earlier in the week I remarked to my brother Harry how generous the line odds of +25 points were for the reigning premiers. Then again hardly surprising with all the Hawthorn hype and the pervasive penchant for people to write Geelong off. Another brother [Read more]

Round 19 Geelong (v Hawthorn) player ratings

Round 19 Geelong (v Hawthorn) Player Ratings Jimmy Bartel Eased himself into the game. Played an elder-statesman scaffolding role.   Rating: 10/10   Paul Chapman As reliable as an atomic clock. Needed a jaw as hard as tungsten carbide to complete a fine game.   Rating: 10/10   Allen Christensen Copped a sly elbow. Often [Read more]

Hawkins pips Hawks in match of the year

GEELONG 9.3 10.5 14.9 18.10 (118) HAWTHORN 2.0 7.6 11.8 17.14 (116) 3 Hawkins, 2 Sewell, 1 Mitchell For a Geelong fan, beating Hawthorn with a goal after the siren is one of the sweetest tastes life offers. Only a big finals win beats it. There’s no point building it up. Tonight the Cats won [Read more]

Friday footy is a beautiful thing

Friday Footy is a Beautiful Thing.   I finished work not long after sunset, watching the moon wobble up from, then across, the mountains. It was almost full, but not, as if someone had dropped it on its head. As I came down the logging tracks into the valley, towards the nearest farms, that lead [Read more]


  This all goes back a couple of decades, perhaps to 1989. Or even earlier. The story so far: the Hawks are too good for Geelong during the late 80s and early 90s. The Cats have a terrific team of characters who play the game with their own flair and are encouraged by the creative [Read more]