seconds ticking

  august night hot puffs of breath enter the stadium     the moon witness to all the mistakes under the sun     night chill Reid rises from the mist   bare trees all authority gone from our game     Saints hit the front the stadium changes tune     long bomb the rush [Read more]

A bit of sport on the weekend

I saw a bit of sport on the weekend. A bit more than usual. All of it live. Missed some as well – two games of football and a game of netball. I will usually go out of my way to miss a game of netball. Most of the games had good outcomes. But there [Read more]

Some reflections of a tragic

  1.  Hey, Silver is looking pretty good.   We have lived with a week of Olympics and shaded expectations.  The golden avalanche has disappeared, our addiction to international success well and truly back in the box along with the expectations of certain success levels in international sports: tennis, Olympics generally, cricket specifically.  We are [Read more]