light and shade

sunset a few purple patches kill off the game evening sky no great signs only flashes playing the bottom team the caller questions a lack of urgency twilight game the zig-zag path to goal empty seats Cloke marks alone and unattended fading light Wood losing what little he had twilight the light and shade of [Read more]

5.30am and 4.40pm starts – on the same day

Alarm rings at 5.30 AM. Just in time for Olympic opening ceremony. Not a problem as was asleep early on Friday night, couldn’t stand to sit up and watch the Hawks again after their demolition of the Pies last week. Text Uncle Deano, he’s up early for the opening ceremony too. Could have stayed in [Read more]

Floreat Pica Society – Round 18 v GWS – Pies Poetry in (slow) Motion

Floreat Pica Society – Round 18 v GWS – Pies Poetry in (slow) Motion Twas the Pies’ first venture to a Stadium called Skoda For a game, the result of which, should be a soda The spirit has been shaken with recent losses, and the saga of Cloke But any thought of an upset loss [Read more]

Worthy slaughter?

  I recently heard the 1970s hit All by myself  by Eric Carmen, no relation to Fabulous Phil (Eric couldn’t even spell his surname the same way as the great man), for the first time in many years. It’s a self-pitying lament, with some of the verses starting with the words When I was young, [Read more]