Bitter Rivalry Continues

By Cody Lane What a great rivalry these two teams share. So much history and tonight’s match would add another chapter to the rivalry. Hawthorn are coming in to the match in red hot form winning their last 8 games on the trot. Essendon on the other hand come in to the game with a [Read more]

Mid-season fever

The week started off good and then spiralled downwards. On Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling sick as a dog and my parents after a short time decided that I shouldn’t go to school. Wednesday I felt worse. My Dad took me to the doctor and what we knew was true. I had the flu. [Read more]

Bomber bandwagon falling apart

Not only have the wheels fallen off the Don’s Wagon, but so have the bumper bars, the mudguards, the rusted body work and the ignition system.  All thats left is a broken cane bench seat that’s going no where . I  reckon the rot set in a few weeks ago when they unveiled  the paler [Read more]