When men were men and mud was mud

This rant has been brewing for some time. It stirs every time I walk past Princes Park. Every time I see or hear Andrew Demetriou. Every time an unnecessary 50 metre penalty is paid. And every time I visit Etihad Stadium (which is infrequently). Yes, this is the nostalgic rant of a 30-something footy fan [Read more]

Losing the faith

  Losing the faith As a non-believer, I’ve always felt sorry for members of wacky religious cults. The ludicrous beliefs; unwavering commitment to people who treat you like poo and tell you pork pies; the money freely given by those who can least afford it so the elite can live like kings while the rest [Read more]

I am Carlton; I am tanking

By Damien Little I don’t profess to be knowledgeable on the intricacies of football strategy and structures – but omitted N. Duigan and M. Watson – what the F*@k! Are we trying to win games here? Can someone please help to explain this to me before I start punching holes in walls like Alastair Clarkson.