Should’ve, could’ve, didn’t … again

Round 17 was another round of “should’ve, could’ve but DIDN’T” for the St. Kilda Football Club. Schneider SHOULD’VE kicked that goal, Rooey SHOULD’VE taken that mark, Kosi COULD’VE run harder at the ball. But they DIDN’T.

From the NT to the MCG and back again

By Paul Thomson Whether we like it or not, the Melbourne Football Club’s decision to recruit Liam Jurrah has certainly not followed the paths that we are used to in the footy world. Regardless of the Demons’ results for the rest of 2012, the Jurrah story, as it unfolds, potentially has the capability to educate [Read more]

The Personal Touch

One of the things I really enjoy about footy is those personal rivalries. Its one thing sticking it up some random in the crowd but I find it far more satisfying engaging with The Enemy supporters in a bit of banter one-on-one. Even in Sydney, where I’m outnumbered by a whole raft of Hawks, Blues [Read more]

Fluffy goes to Puppy Heaven

    Our household, going into this weekend, had three people, two Carlton and one Saints supporter, and two dogs, the eldest Peettee, 13 years old Poodle Shitzu who acts like he’s a five year old, and Fluffy, an 11 year old Poodle Shitzu.  This weekend, Fluffy got sick, very sick.  In the middle of [Read more]