Cats take a step

It’s a beautiful winter’s evening in Brisbane. Gorgeous sunset and the remnant of light in the west that makes a silhouette of everything. A photographer’s dream. I walk through West End towards the city. Near the Victoria Bridge a busker squeezes the weirdest song from his bag-pipes. For some reason he’s playing God Save The [Read more]

One thing worse than following Richmond

Hi Fellow Barrackers, What is worse than being a Richmond supporter?  Being Adam Scott. How frustrating is sports sometimes, get great highs but I reckon that the lowest lows almost surpass the glorious highs. Poor old Tiges, fight back like you wouldn’t believe in that last quarter when the game seemed to be done and [Read more]

A Good Way To Watch Footy

  A Good Way to Watch Footy.   Nutsy and I pull up barstools at the tavern. He’s played well, but his groin is sore. His wife is well-pregnant. “Groin?” I had said, while we watched the seniors belt out an easy win in constant drizzle, then gave him every “too much pulling” joke ever [Read more]

Someone forgot to tell Santa

It was all set up and ready to go. Christmas in July with a big round of blockbuster clashes and we supporters were ready and waiting to cash in on the presents and the thought we’d be getting two christmases in the one year. The only problem was someone forgot to tell Santa.

Should’ve, could’ve, didn’t … again

Round 17 was another round of “should’ve, could’ve but DIDN’T” for the St. Kilda Football Club. Schneider SHOULD’VE kicked that goal, Rooey SHOULD’VE taken that mark, Kosi COULD’VE run harder at the ball. But they DIDN’T.

From the NT to the MCG and back again

By Paul Thomson Whether we like it or not, the Melbourne Football Club’s decision to recruit Liam Jurrah has certainly not followed the paths that we are used to in the footy world. Regardless of the Demons’ results for the rest of 2012, the Jurrah story, as it unfolds, potentially has the capability to educate [Read more]

The Personal Touch

One of the things I really enjoy about footy is those personal rivalries. Its one thing sticking it up some random in the crowd but I find it far more satisfying engaging with The Enemy supporters in a bit of banter one-on-one. Even in Sydney, where I’m outnumbered by a whole raft of Hawks, Blues [Read more]

Hey Gringo! Tales of a Dees supporter in Brisbane

It can be lonely being a Melbourne supporter. We’re not the club with the biggest membership nor do we regularly appear in the footy primetime. But as I entered the public bar of Queensland’s most famous pub, The Breakfast Creek, just before kick-off of a Super Rugby finals match involving the Reds, well, it doesn’t [Read more]

The Wrap – Round XVII

THE WRAP – ROUND XVI WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL And what a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Handbags were loaded with house bricks on Friday night as The Guccis consolidated their place in September, while at the same time questioning The Bombers’ September credentials.  On Saturday it was Collingwood’s turn to have their [Read more]

This Queensland Life

Going to Queensland changes your life. It is different, and you live differently. Footy is different here. We have been up here for a few days; we’re having a lovely time, but a different time. Most of this is very, very good. And we love it. Collingwood, for example, do not appear to be as [Read more]

Fluffy goes to Puppy Heaven

    Our household, going into this weekend, had three people, two Carlton and one Saints supporter, and two dogs, the eldest Peettee, 13 years old Poodle Shitzu who acts like he’s a five year old, and Fluffy, an 11 year old Poodle Shitzu.  This weekend, Fluffy got sick, very sick.  In the middle of [Read more]

Power defeat disappointing Dees

Port Adelaide has ended its five-game losing streak after defeating Melbourne by 28 points last Saturday night at TIO Stadium. In a match that failed to reach any great heights, it was the Power that reigned supreme winning 12.12 (84) to 8.8 (56) in front of nearly 7000 in attendance. Many players from both sides [Read more]

Floreat Pica: No Hawkers please

By Andrea McNamara My match preparation was a visit to Victoria Park, to see if Didak showed up for his latest attempt to return to the senior team. He did, and looked OK, but the real story was that I left when the score was 26 to 106 and there was still a quarter to [Read more]


This is my first report in a long time. Over the past two weeks, I have been busy playing tennis tournaments  and  I went up to Queensland for a week. I have had very successful holidays getting a dozen ranking points and three trophies! In my first tournament, I defeated four people before coming unstuck [Read more]

Anyone for Buffalo Wings?

Shalom one and all, Not much news on the footy front this week – at least for a Carlton supporter.  Ahhh the “Brian” Judd case, I have espoused my views to many of you so won’t regurgitate that except to say that “he’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!”.  The circus around the [Read more]

Round 17 preview

Some thoughts on Round 17.