The afternoon football nearly forgot

By Simon Dalton Perhaps the apparent predictability of this game’s outcome was already sensed by the footballing public and the respective teams well before the first bounce. That could account for a build up lacking in passion or interest.  As such it was played as if a gentleman’s agreement had been reached. With forewarning of [Read more]

Budgerigars and partial rainbows

By John Burke It’s a chilly July day and I’m heading down to Kardinia Park (or Petrol Park as a wag mate calls it, harking back a ground sponsor or two) to see my beloved Cats for the first time at home this year. I’ve been away in warmer climes for a couple of months, [Read more]

Desire in old Geelong

There was something timeless about the football in Geelong yesterday. Like the weather has been coming out of the south-west since God put breath into Adam, and the Geelong faithful have been rugging up, and turning up, since the Saturday after that. It’s wild, that weather. The Shipwreck Coast looks like it does for a [Read more]