A Blue day in the outback

By Callum O’Connor Deny sleep long enough and it will ignore you when you need it. I’m aboard a bus that has been faithfully lurching and wheezing its way up from Melbourne for 30 hours since 7 am on Wednesday morning with the thirty of us who are on the 2012 Eltham College /school Central [Read more]

Like a moth to a front porch light

By Jim Fidler What is it about those MCG lights from a distance? Despite having seen the lights of the MCG many times they are like a front porch light in summer and we are all the willing insects. Irresistible. The walk up to the ground has always created such a great sense of anticipation [Read more]

Blues officially no good

Carlton v Hawthorn by Hamish Townsend 3.2 6.2 7.6 10.10 70 7.4 10.7 16.10 18.12 120 3. Franklin, 2. Sewell, 1. Mitchell Tonight I will write about the two teams I like the least. It’s Friday night, the girls have finally gone to bed, I’ve cracked a Peroni and plonked in front of the box [Read more]