A Blue day in the outback

By Callum O’Connor Deny sleep long enough and it will ignore you when you need it. I’m aboard a bus that has been faithfully lurching and wheezing its way up from Melbourne for 30 hours since 7 am on Wednesday morning with the thirty of us who are on the 2012 Eltham College /school Central [Read more]

The afternoon football nearly forgot

By Simon Dalton Perhaps the apparent predictability of this game’s outcome was already sensed by the footballing public and the respective teams well before the first bounce. That could account for a build up lacking in passion or interest.  As such it was played as if a gentleman’s agreement had been reached. With forewarning of [Read more]

Like a moth to a front porch light

By Jim Fidler What is it about those MCG lights from a distance? Despite having seen the lights of the MCG many times they are like a front porch light in summer and we are all the willing insects. Irresistible. The walk up to the ground has always created such a great sense of anticipation [Read more]

Budgerigars and partial rainbows

By John Burke It’s a chilly July day and I’m heading down to Kardinia Park (or Petrol Park as a wag mate calls it, harking back a ground sponsor or two) to see my beloved Cats for the first time at home this year. I’ve been away in warmer climes for a couple of months, [Read more]

Rd 14 2012 FEARLESS: To Tweet or not to tweet – that is the question?

Meanwhile back to 9 games in this The Multicultural Round! Carlton hosted Hawthorn on Friday night at the G, meaning that the Hawks got to wear their best away uniform yet. Having said that, I didn’t realise that Navy and white clashed with brown and gold. The Hawks were well served by their forwards Gunston, [Read more]

A Day At The Footy – Brisbane vs Melbourne

I parked the car in a no-name suburban street and as I walked quickly towards the Chermside Bus Station, I realised this was the first moment I’d had to myself for the day. A moment to reflect then on what the next few hours might bring. The Brisbane Lions versus the Melbourne Demons at the [Read more]

Loose men everywhere

My uncle Bob uttered these words after North Melbourne kicked two quick goals at the Docklands last night and declared their intent; they were there to win.  That’s what it felt like, that in a moment, North possessed the ball, the ground, the universe and the Saints boys were left chasing. Fatigued and aging and [Read more]

Desire in old Geelong

There was something timeless about the football in Geelong yesterday. Like the weather has been coming out of the south-west since God put breath into Adam, and the Geelong faithful have been rugging up, and turning up, since the Saturday after that. It’s wild, that weather. The Shipwreck Coast looks like it does for a [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Round 14

Spain has won the European Cup. Have to be happy for them as it should be a real morale booster for the country. In the real world of Aussie Rules I have to say that like many people at the commencement of the  season I thought it would be a dull year with Geelong, Collingwood, Hawthorn, [Read more]

The Wrap – Round XIV

THE WRAP – ROUND XIV- WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL And what a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  On Friday night The Paid Up Proud & Passionate read the last rights over The Royal Parade Miseries.  Come Saturday and it was The Maggies who similarly sent the Dockers Down Below.  The Tigers of Old coughed [Read more]

Us against the Dockers

By Andrea Macnamara Friday night, match preparation for Saturday: comfort food, a bottle of red and Hawks vs Blues on the telly. Whichever way the game falls, I can’t be disappointed. If the Hawks get beaten then they’re not as good as we fear they are. And if the Blues get beaten, say no more. [Read more]

Bombers rule Etihad

After a drought breaking win over Fremantle last week, I was predicting that Essendon would win over the hapless Dogs. With Hurley back to form, Watson running rampant in the midfield and Dempsey off half back, what could stop us now? (Not trying to boast, but we have a good team). The Dogs, after getting [Read more]

Blues officially no good

Carlton v Hawthorn by Hamish Townsend 3.2 6.2 7.6 10.10 70 7.4 10.7 16.10 18.12 120 3. Franklin, 2. Sewell, 1. Mitchell Tonight I will write about the two teams I like the least. It’s Friday night, the girls have finally gone to bed, I’ve cracked a Peroni and plonked in front of the box [Read more]

The Pre Wrap – Round XIV: For the philosophical Marngrook fan

THE PRE WRAP – ROUND XIV FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN And what a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  It’s not Ian Meckiff this time.  It’s not even Murilli who’s in the gun.  No, it’s the whole West Coast Eagles Football team.  Spare m’ days.  After all these years they’ve noticed the amount of [Read more]

Nic Nat Paddy Whack

Happy EOFY to all, After getting over watching Nic Nat take apart the Blues the previous week it has given me time and a couple of interviews to really appreciate what he brings to the game.  Not being Victorian based we probably do not see as much of him as we should – but his [Read more]