The Swans nail it

I want you to stop what you’re doing and have a look at your finger nails. They’re not very substantial are they? Wafer thin, inconsequential pieces of stuff that sit at the end of the finger they have a few functions; they gather dirt and bacteria and horde it under their protective shell (for what [Read more]

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round 13

Greetings Tipsters Victor Trumper is the subject of the most superbly elegant photograph of a batsman, shot at The Oval in July 1902. The glittering new stand at the SCG is named for him, and here Dad and I took our superb seats on Friday night. I’ve mixed feelings about the Victor Trumper Stand, because [Read more]


I took my bye bye a week before the Swans. Left Sydney behind and flew three hours up the east coast to a pocket of paradise north of Cairns. Yirrganydji country. Rainforest country. As far away as you can be and imagine from the southern states. Home was a bungalow in the treetops, looking out [Read more]