Handling the Giants

By Tony Scully   Pies V Wedgies MCG Sat 23rd June 2012   At the Risk of not keeping the lid on it,this game had all the portents of being two of the three most likely combatants in October.   That having been said my pre-game thoughts went to:   1/ Will our backline be [Read more]

The noble art of booing

“We wuz robbed.  Collingwood couldn’t buy a goal in the last quarter, so that bloody maggot gives Beams a charity 20 metres out.  And that home ground free kick bias is ruining the game.” Sorry, I’m just channeling my inner Bluebagger.  That sense of entitlement that makes them so obnoxious.  I actually couldn’t get that [Read more]

Amidst the gloom, an ironclad great

I am in a deep malaise today. Part of it is the reality of being back in cold, old Melbourne, and the lingering sense of post-holiday depression after a terrific 3 weeks with my wife and baby son in mid-20s temperatures in Italy. But more so, it’s the “how close” world of football. As far [Read more]