Handling the Giants

By Tony Scully   Pies V Wedgies MCG Sat 23rd June 2012   At the Risk of not keeping the lid on it,this game had all the portents of being two of the three most likely combatants in October.   That having been said my pre-game thoughts went to:   1/ Will our backline be [Read more]

Round 13 Winners and Losers

The byes are finally gone. I think Beau Waters scared them off. WINNERS Collingwood (and the West Coast Eagles…) Both Collingwood and West Coast continue to confound eminent doctors and scientists by playing so well despite half their sides being out on account of major injury/obscure illness/missing limbs. The Eagles don’t have their two best [Read more]

FEARLESS (Round 13) – BYE WK 3…Did channel 10 have to move Before The Game? Saturday nights will not be the same…what a stupid stupid decision!

The marketing genius of the Buddy Ball (aka BB23) is now out there in the shops and on the tv. When my wife returned home with one for our eldest boy I thought “oh great, you’ll be kicking 4.13 before you know it!” I know Buddy Franklin kicked 13.4 in Tassie recently and is a [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Round 13

Hands up those who thought that Black Caviar’s jockey was a nong for easing up before the final few strides. Well I was one who thought as much for a start. Hands up though now for all those who think that he might have been a genius for willing his injured mount in that last stride [Read more]

The Wrap – Round XIII

THE WRAP – ROUND XIII: WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL And what a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Bangkok Pradas dropped another close one after letting The Sin City Rollers get the jump on them in the Opening Stanza.  The Distemper continues out West at The Kennel The Boys From Old Fitzroy turn it [Read more]

The noble art of booing

“We wuz robbed.  Collingwood couldn’t buy a goal in the last quarter, so that bloody maggot gives Beams a charity 20 metres out.  And that home ground free kick bias is ruining the game.” Sorry, I’m just channeling my inner Bluebagger.  That sense of entitlement that makes them so obnoxious.  I actually couldn’t get that [Read more]

On Price and Freo

I never knew Matt Price. More accurately, I never read Matt Price before he died. I was blissfully unaware of the brilliance that I was missing out on. Having recently discovered Matt, I am in love. The laconic way that he rolls out memorable, witty phrases leaves me in fits of laughter in public places [Read more]

Victory is ours

Before Saturday it had rained and rained. Some parts of my school were flooded. Just when we were about to confirm tennis was off, it stopped Friday lunch. We were able to play! We played away at a club we have played every season. We had a great percentage boosting win. Just what Essendon needed [Read more]

The Swans nail it

I want you to stop what you’re doing and have a look at your finger nails. They’re not very substantial are they? Wafer thin, inconsequential pieces of stuff that sit at the end of the finger they have a few functions; they gather dirt and bacteria and horde it under their protective shell (for what [Read more]

Amidst the gloom, an ironclad great

I am in a deep malaise today. Part of it is the reality of being back in cold, old Melbourne, and the lingering sense of post-holiday depression after a terrific 3 weeks with my wife and baby son in mid-20s temperatures in Italy. But more so, it’s the “how close” world of football. As far [Read more]

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round 13

Greetings Tipsters Victor Trumper is the subject of the most superbly elegant photograph of a batsman, shot at The Oval in July 1902. The glittering new stand at the SCG is named for him, and here Dad and I took our superb seats on Friday night. I’ve mixed feelings about the Victor Trumper Stand, because [Read more]


I took my bye bye a week before the Swans. Left Sydney behind and flew three hours up the east coast to a pocket of paradise north of Cairns. Yirrganydji country. Rainforest country. As far away as you can be and imagine from the southern states. Home was a bungalow in the treetops, looking out [Read more]

Ooh Rockin’ Robin Tweet Tweet!

Greetings to all, The last week of the byes descend upon us but much of this week’s news inches consumed by a couple of twits!  As someone who has blown the whistle in anger I concur with the AFL stance on displaying support of umpires, however they want their cake and eat when they want [Read more]