GWS v Richmond

 Good Win….Surely.  Greasy, Wet and Slippery  Ground Well Skinny  Gosh, We’re Struggling  Giants Will Surprise  Gun forwards Will Star  Goals With Seconds left Grubby Win- Sealed Grimes Will Strengthen backs Ginger Jackson Was Solid  Game Was Sodden  

Let those who are without sin…

It’s been a tumultuous season for followers of the Navy Blue, particularly if you pay any heed to those more priapic pundits who fill their days writing about football without ever really mentioning the play. A winless pre-season had us in crisis, according to some. Then we were proclaimed premiership favourites after stomping the Pies [Read more]

Fearless – Round 12: Can the Brayshaw knockers take a hike?

Glenn Archer said it best on Wednesday night’s Footy Show: people who don’t realise this need to know that without James Brayshaw, we (North Melbourne) would be on the Gold Coast. Pretty simple scenario really… At the Dallas Brooks Hall back in November 2007, I saw James Brayshaw take the podium and basically give the [Read more]

It didn’t rain….a positive take on the weekend our team lost…

  In Adelaide again: The weekend of the 15th June 2012 turned out to be a special one indeed.  Rina and I were headed to AAMI Stadium for the clash against high flying Crows against the wanna-be Saints, and even the predicted weekend of rain couldn’t dampen our spirits as we prepared to support our [Read more]

Round 12 Winners and Losers

Last weekend I was off in the wilderness, trying to utilise the fleeting 30 seconds of reception I could get to acquire scores. As a result, I couldn’t report on round 11. However now I am back amongst civilization and delivering to you everything you need to know about round 12. Basically, Behinds! Behinds everywhere!

The View from Shepparton – Round 12

My question this week is, “What is the best or perhaps most appropriate sledge  or quick one liner that you have either delivered or personally  heard in in matters sporting?”. My own personal entry this week is this; “If an aspect of football had the  equivalent of junk bond status the  winner would be the NRL [Read more]

A couple of bright spots in the rain

What a shocker of a day. Not the football – the weather. Usually there is a slight reprieve, for a few minutes at least, before the sky reloads. Not today. It was just a constant downpour. We shared our train from Lidcombe to Olympic Park with vikings, superheroes, blue-haired french maids, druids, zombies and other [Read more]

Cardboard Villains

WEST COAST EAGLES V CARLTON  Stockbroker Stadium,  5.40pm (AFL **##!! TV Time) Thursday the can you **!!##  believe it 14 June 2012  Chris Judd’s 5 All Time Favorite Woody Allen Movies: Take the Money and Run (1969) – for taking the Visy cash instead of another premiership with the Eagles Stardust Memories (1980) – for [Read more]

And never the seasons shall meet

Greetings again to all, Much talk over the last couple of days regarding extending the season to allow the players to have two byes during the season and this is to come at the expense of Cricket Victoria giving up its claim to the MCG for the potential to host the Sheffield Shield final.  Anyone [Read more]