Heart Palpitations

You know that feeling you get when you know something’s about to go wrong? It’s that feeling of uncertainty, nervousness and concern. I hate it. Football is great at making people feel this way. I often say, there should be health restrictions that appear on the back of a football ticket. “If you have a [Read more]

Both Extremes

Sorry my report is a bit late! Here it is. After school on Friday, you would drive home right? We usually do that but today it was different. We drove up to Bendigo to play in the Association and Regional Challenge. I was playing for the second year in a row for the PTA. It [Read more]

Unsociable supporter

At three quarter time of the Swans vs Bombers I was having a relaxing Saturday, the next 30 minutes exposed my seedy underbelly. I have to face the facts – I am an unsociable supporter. The day started so in great fashion, despite a bumpy week where young Jack was feeding poorly and I feared [Read more]

To clock or not to clock?

Like everyone else on this post-Vaudeville Sunday morning, I’m thinking about the clock. We’re told that the lack of an official countdown clock is one of the great romances of AFL football:  the drama of not knowing how long to go until the agony is ended mixed with the fervent pleas to either “lock it [Read more]

Invasion of the Bomber Snatchers

Terror isn’t normally a word thrown into the mixing bowl of footy adjectives. Yet it’s the first word flashing across my mind on this freezing Sunday morning reflecting on last night’s game. A savage final quarter of football so chock full of impending doom that even now, in full daylight and knowing the result, I [Read more]