Blues of the father

I dread Geelong playing on a Friday night these days. Last couple years it was ideal. Finish work, head home or to the pub with the boys, couple of frothies and watch the Cats paste whoever was unlucky enough to be fixtured in for that week. Not this year. Geelong’s general dominance of the last [Read more]

Souvlaki v Kebabs

Everyone’s got a preference for one or the other: the souvlaki or the kebab. Both are kings of the late night fast food fare with swarms of followers keen to tell you one is better than the other. Both are tightly wrapped filled with goodies both warm and fuzzy and sometimes you just don’t know [Read more]

Professor Johnson, the young skipper and The Doyen of Unobtrusion

Carlton v Geelong It was a Frank McCourt afternoon as Anna and I sat in the Lutheran Church at North Geelong at the funeral of old Uncle Theo, a cousin of my late father’s. Dank and gloomy, the Heavens were low, and descending. Two-year-old Anna had sensed the mood and was perfectly quiet and appropriately [Read more]