Just to pass the time away

I love football, the real version, the round-ball game. The game the world is devoted to. The one which sees players from each continent playing side-by-side, while fans around the globe tune in at all times of night and day. At the game, there’s the singing, whistling, chanting, dancing, trumpets, drums and vuvuezelas willing the [Read more]

WOW (not good)

Saturday I hoped was the end of the hoodoo. We always lose to Melbourne in the middle of the season. I hoped it wasn’t going to happen again. Essendon’s performance last week was average and Melbourne pushed Carlton to three quarters last week. Jetta had come back from staging to give our forward line a [Read more]

Blame it on the Train

Like most footballing folk, I was captivated by Friday night’s game between the Tiges and Saints. Again, like most people I spoke to, I had tipped St Kilda. However as the game went on I became caught up in the rollicking juggernaut of fervour that the Richmond fans were generating. As the final siren sounded, [Read more]