It’s only footy

Round 1 North Melbourne v Essendon   At three-quarter time, Essendon were four goals in front and looking good.  I had to remind myself there were more important things in life than football.   It’s only footy. It’s only footy. Breathe Breathe – like in birth classes.   I was preparing for defeat.  I find [Read more]

Bombers (and Max) overcome obstacles

Saturday was one of those days. School had finished for the term and Saturday sport hadn’t started yet and because I was playing in a tennis tournament at Bendigo in two days time both my parents said I needed to rest. The only thing I was looking forward to today was the game between my [Read more]

A one-sided rivalry

By Daniel O’Sullivan Question: Can a fierce rivalry still be considered a fierce rivalry if one half of the fierce rivalry is blissfully unaware of its existence? This sounds like it could be one of those “if a tree falls in the forest” questions with no definitive answer asked by men sporting turtle neck sweaters [Read more]

Hate for Essendon

by Josh Barnstable Hate is a very strong word. I try not to use it too much, but it doesn’t do itself justice when talking about the Essendon Football Club. As a North Melbourne supporter, I have grown up despising the red and black brothers. Older, richer and more successful brothers. In Grade 3, my [Read more]