Round 1 (2012) – Fremantle v Geelong: The greatest of all pests

Head back to Round 1 at Subiaco in 2012. JTH and P. Flynn were in the crowd. It was a memorable opening match.

AFL Round 1 – Fremantle v Geelong: In hostile territory

Evie Tozer looks back to the start of the season when for the first time ever she saw Geelong play outside of Victoria.

Love and other couch matters

MEETING my family was the easy part. It was revealing my inner football demon to my Brisbane-based girlfriend that I was afraid of. Months earlier she had fallen for my charming Dr Jekyll as we perused the Louvre together. Now, on a weekend visit to Geelong, she was about to see my remote control-throwing Mr [Read more]

The Geelong Way

Scarlo’s gone for three. No surprises there! My niece, a friend and I all had a clear view of his brain fade induced left hook to the jaw of a Fremantle player and shook our collective heads. What was he thinking? Instantly my mind projected to the scene of “The G” next Monday week. Geelong [Read more]

The Curse of Mama Bear AKA Fremantle v Geelong

  by Dennis Gedling It’s not every day that 20 or so people stop talking to point and laugh at you when you enter a room but I was able to cross that honour off the bucket list deep in Dockers territory on a Round 1 Saturday night. The day had started off so well [Read more]

Serial Pest or clever combatant?

Sunday morning, while listening to a favorite radio sports program, I heard the question posed … “what does he actually do that’s so wrong?” The question was being posed in reference to the eventful Saturday night meeting of reigning premiers Geelong and the perceived lesser of the western lights, Fremantle. The ‘he’ in question is Hayden Ballantyne – [Read more]

Le Tenia

This morning the sunlight awoke me and I immediately felt uneasy. I was too rested- had I slept through my alarm? Ah. Daylight savings. Then it crept through, that splinter in the ribcage. That splinter that sticks when you roll over on it in bed and remember that your sweetheart has left you or your dog has [Read more]