AFL Finals Week 1- Adelaide v Sydney: A comfy old pillow

I like my pillow, its durable, supporting, hard working, a little worn at the edges and cost me about $10 from Kmart a decade ago. Sure there are flashier versions with dodo bird feathers or maybe endorsed by Buzz Aldrin, but I like mine just the same. I depend upon it. The Sydney Swans are [Read more]

AFL Finals Week 1 – Adelaide v Sydney: Behind Enemy Lines

The Crows fan did not seem happy to see me.

“You again” he growled before breaking into a wry smile. “Jesus I’d almost forgotten about today’s game. Then here you are again in that damn jumper reminding me all over.”

AFL Finals Week 1 – Adelaide v Sydney: Why Do I Keep Doing This?

If the Crows can do anything well, it’s find innovative ways to lose come finals, says Earl O’Neill.