Dramatic Dawes Turnaround Shows Growing Instability In AFL

Thinking a little bit about Chris Dawes recently and after looking at his current career situation, it really did smack me right between the eyes as to just how unstable the AFL is becoming.

The Tippett saga

Angry, furious, disenchanted, sad, disappointed. Perhaps they should be the taglines of the Gillette Trade Period.

Cats big winners of trade month

It seems the Cats have been the big winners of trade month, with the news today the club has secured former North ruckman Hamish McIntosh on a three-year deal and former Melbourne defender Jared Rivers on a two-year deal. This is on top of securing Suns midfielder Josh Caddy.

Don’t let the Dawes (insert pun)

Why is Dawes even contemplating leaving Collingwood?

Oh Big Q! Say it ain’t so

Brandon Erceg is distraught. The Big Q is leaving the Eagles for Collingwood. Of all places, Collingwood!

Brendon Goddard: the rules provide; the rules take away

Brendon Goddard has packed his bags and moved to Windy Hill. As a proud – if battered – St Kilda man, Matthew Webber is not sure where he sits on it all. Rage is so futile, disappointment so wasteful, and pragmatism so cold.