Adelaide vs Collingwood – Sunday 23rd May

They’re the two words that strike fear into even the hardened footy fan – ‘Family Function’. There is nothing worse than the prospect of missing a fixture due to a Family Function (yes, it deserves capitals), particularly when said Function is with Family you wouldn’t normally choose to share company with. I will refrain from [Read more]

FPS: Whatever it was, the Pies should bottle it

It was always going to be an interesting week.  We haven’t had to worry about the Pies on the rebound for the best part of 12 months so I was keen to see how they’d handle it.  I know they lost to the Hawks in Round 22 but the Pies were always going to be [Read more]

Sorry Tazza…I LOVE YOU! *blubbers*

Wasteful and lost. That’s how my boys looked, up until the fourth quarter. From a Magpie’s perceptive it was a shocking effort for the majority of the game.