Carlton phobia? What phobia?

Carlton vs. Geelong Round 9 2011, Friday May 20th – The end of the phobia… Most people, young or old, large or small, have things that they fear, so much so that they avoid them at all costs. One phobia that I’m happy to share is my fear of the Carlton Football Club when they [Read more]

Questions Answered, But Others Posed

The anticipation of this game offered tantalising fodder for speculation. Questions regarding Geelong didn’t concern their quality: they’ve already established their pedigree in recent seasons. Premierships will do that. Eighty-five wins out of a hundred will do that. Instead, the speculation was more to do with their mental state for this contest. Would they suffer [Read more]

Carlton v Geelong Rd 9 Docklands

Preparation for this game started months ago. As soon as the AFL fixtures came out and I saw that my roster had me finishing work at 2031 that night. Too late. I needed to find someone who would swap a shift with me. I needed someone who’s not a footy fan. Billy was my man. [Read more]