Empty crowd has a silver lining

by Jamie Simmons The burdens of my beloved Lions 0-7 season status are as obvious as they are many. Not least of all the whimsical barbs I’m obliged to endure from my wife who insists that I, patriotically adorned in club colours, would invite less derision by exiting the premises in a kaftan and slippers. [Read more]

Adelaide vs Collingwood – Sunday 23rd May

They’re the two words that strike fear into even the hardened footy fan – ‘Family Function’. There is nothing worse than the prospect of missing a fixture due to a Family Function (yes, it deserves capitals), particularly when said Function is with Family you wouldn’t normally choose to share company with. I will refrain from [Read more]

The View From Shepparton Round 9

  by Peter Schumacher Have to hand it to the Pies. Getting themselves out of gaol was a brilliant achievement, a side doesn’t often give itself a 23 points handicap in a last quarter and then run all over the opposition with 11 goals in 20 minutes. How often have the Crows let Collingwood escape [Read more]

Carlton phobia? What phobia?

Carlton vs. Geelong Round 9 2011, Friday May 20th – The end of the phobia… Most people, young or old, large or small, have things that they fear, so much so that they avoid them at all costs. One phobia that I’m happy to share is my fear of the Carlton Football Club when they [Read more]

FPS: Whatever it was, the Pies should bottle it

It was always going to be an interesting week.  We haven’t had to worry about the Pies on the rebound for the best part of 12 months so I was keen to see how they’d handle it.  I know they lost to the Hawks in Round 22 but the Pies were always going to be [Read more]

Lions roar, Tigers dream and a young Roo makes his mark

By Sasha Lennon How good is Jonathan Brown? Of course, that’s a rhetorical question.  We all know he’s very, very good. Brown, for his presence on the field alone, if not for his ability to read the play and present himself as a target just like Wayne Carey or Dermott Brereton did before him is [Read more]

Round nine wrap

In the end, Jonathan Brown was enough for Brisbane to regroup and craft its first victory for the year against North Melbourne. Matty Primus should take note and think again about old men. Port didn’t name Chad Cornes and dropped Brett Ebert on match day “for tactical reasons”. The team had too many forwards, he [Read more]

The Tipping Point – Eagles v Bulldogs – 22 May 2011

40,000 Eagles supporters will wake up in Perth on Monday morning with one thought on their mind.  Did that really happen? Did we really beat last year’s preliminary finalist by 20 goals?  Kick 17 of the last 18 goals of the match after the 5 minute mark of the 3rd quarter.  Hold the Bulldogs (a [Read more]

Questions Answered, But Others Posed

The anticipation of this game offered tantalising fodder for speculation. Questions regarding Geelong didn’t concern their quality: they’ve already established their pedigree in recent seasons. Premierships will do that. Eighty-five wins out of a hundred will do that. Instead, the speculation was more to do with their mental state for this contest. Would they suffer [Read more]

Carlton v Geelong Rd 9 Docklands

Preparation for this game started months ago. As soon as the AFL fixtures came out and I saw that my roster had me finishing work at 2031 that night. Too late. I needed to find someone who would swap a shift with me. I needed someone who’s not a footy fan. Billy was my man. [Read more]

A Long Journey Begins with a Scarf

I was a bit disappointed that family commitments  stopped  me joining the Long Walk to the G on Saturday night.  I have joined all the other Walks and have huge admiration for that great man Michael Long.   Some weeks before hand we had agreed to  baby sit grandchild Josh at his home on Saturday night, [Read more]

Sorry Tazza…I LOVE YOU! *blubbers*

Wasteful and lost. That’s how my boys looked, up until the fourth quarter. From a Magpie’s perceptive it was a shocking effort for the majority of the game.

Round 9 Blog

A week overshadowed by the passing of one of the game’s most popular figures. Bob Davis was one of those personalities who overcame club parochialism and gained the affection of the wider footballing (and general) community. It was a life well spent. And so we look to this week’s games. Tonight offers many  questions, fewer [Read more]