every good move

fallen leaves the ground they cover chasing Joel Selwood just like old times every good move contains Buckley rain holding off the forwards can’t get near it chilled to the bone the felled player motionless cloud blocked moon — a good chance the ball is where Selwood is entering time on a goal down — [Read more]

Geelong v Collingwood Rd 8 MCG

Round 8 Geelong v Collingwood Freezing weather Wet and windy at the G HUGE game Friday night footy 1 versus 2 Cats and Pies Both undefeated Old champs new champs Hunter Hunted role reversal Collingwood favourites Siren sounds Ottens wins the ruck No Jolly will hurt Magpies Geelong wins the clearance Menzel marks inside 50 [Read more]

Floreat Pica Report: Rd 8 vs Geelong

AFL General Manager Football Operations Adrian Anderson, Chairman of the Laws of the Game Committee, said the Commission had approved the following: A change to the Advantage Rule, whereby the player and not the umpire will decide if there is an advantage to a team in playing on after a free kick. Inside the last [Read more]

Diary of a tense one

Collingwood v Geelong: Running diary The much-anticipated top-of-the-table clash between two undefeated teams, turned out to be everything we had hoped it would be. To commemorate the event, I broke out a running diary.

Joel Selwood. Joel Selwood. Joel Selwood.

The novelist Anson Cameron says that were Shakespeare alive today he’d spend his waking moments thinking of words that rhyme with Selwood. Because Selwood is the topic of the modern day. He deserves poetry: sonnets which capture his quintessence; and epic poems which  tell the tales of when he roamed the MCG, when he led [Read more]

Geelong-Collingwood preview

I love a day like this, when everyone is thinking about the footy tonight. Game-plans, formulated ages ago, are being put in to action. Or plans are being made via email right now. Pre-match beers. Or lunch for those who have their lives well-organised. Watching the hours. Waiting to meet up with friends and family. [Read more]

Sweet 19 (14?) Expectations

This isn’t going to be just any Friday night game. The date marked is Friday the thirteenth! We’ll be missing our star ruck man Darren Jolly, Ben Johnson, there’s rumors that the skipper be a miss too and it will be a day when Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter align. The Cats have been going well so [Read more]