Footy Un/certainty

A couple of weeks ago, Friday night football hosted Collingwood and Richmond. As the first half drew to a close, the Pies up by some 8 goals, the ABC’s David Parkin lamented the unevenness of the match. He wasn’t having fun anymore: ‘The joy of any contest surely comes from the uncertainty.’ * On the [Read more]

A full day of football

Last Friday, I had a full day of football. It started at 12 noon (well actually, it was about an hour later when host and guest turned up). It was the monthly Footy Almanac luncheon at the Clyde Hotel in Carlton, and Ted Hopkins was the Guest of Honour. Many years ago I was an [Read more]

True Blue Bloods Shine

Many seemed preoccupied on Friday with a certain royal to-do over in old Blighty (not Malcolm), but those of a more discerning palate would have been privileged to watch a pair of true Blue bloods in action: firstly at the Clyde Hotel for the Footy Almanac lunch, where Ted Hopkins entertained and illuminated as guest [Read more]

A new deal, a wedding, and the football

Yesterday the AFL signed away their television rights for 2012-2016. They will receive $1.25 billion from Foxtel for the rights to broadcast every AFL game live on Fox. It’s a win for the X% of the 30% of Australians who subscribe to Foxtel and are interested in the game. For everyone else, well there’s a [Read more]

Friday Night Swans Hit Wrong Note

As the wise Rebecca Black once said, “It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday”. It turns out that the Sydney Swans did just that. Sydney was hosting Carlton at the SCG last Friday night. It was a different experience for the Swans who hadn’t played a Friday night game in a home and away [Read more]