Dining Out All Round

This game scares “all the heck” out of me. To think that the Essendon Football Club, a  great club with over one hundred and forty years  of history could be defeated by this new creation of the AFL, is unthinkable.  But there we are, the Dons are to play the Gold Coast Meter Maids at [Read more]

Bombers feast on Suns

by Andrew Else “Och that’s a sin. They’re gunna thrash them” Trust my Mum to start feeling sorry for a team with a borrowed, un-original name that wears a glorified training jumper. How a person raised on the streets of Glasgow could have sympathy to such a conglomerate baffles me. “C’mon Mum, just think of all [Read more]

Essendon V Gold Coast

By Steve Healy A game of football holds thousands of variables. But one known fact had already been set in stone- Essendon would win this match. As a result of that, it’d be a fantastic, fun and ambitious day with my favourite loyal, Essendon supporting friend James Rate. And what a pleasure this would be, [Read more]