Haiku Bob Rd 6: clear moments after

wet afternoon the football used as a lure Johnno subbed off the game loses a little right-side brain sprinting in the clear then on meeting Luke Ball stopped wind-tossed rain a perfect pass by mistake moon strains through clouds a goal clear moments after watering my dead plant Leeroy explodes to life the rain lighter [Read more]

Admiral Byng-inspired Malthouse leads Pies to victory

by John Ramsdale Game Report v’s Footscray Sunday May 1st 2011 I’ll get it out the way early. A ridiculous time to have a game, but clearly 55,754 others didn’t agree with me.  At least it wasn’t at Docklands. I went to the game with some misgivings, no Jolly (he was very good last week), [Read more]

Twilight Tradition

By Adam Gruer It’s a big game this Sunday at the G between my boys, The Filth and the Kennel Coughs. My mate J, a son of the west, and I tend to get loose when we go to the footy together and have enjoyed some very messy encounters between our two sides in recent [Read more]