Footy Un/certainty

A couple of weeks ago, Friday night football hosted Collingwood and Richmond. As the first half drew to a close, the Pies up by some 8 goals, the ABC’s David Parkin lamented the unevenness of the match. He wasn’t having fun anymore: ‘The joy of any contest surely comes from the uncertainty.’ * On the [Read more]

Dining Out All Round

This game scares “all the heck” out of me. To think that the Essendon Football Club, a  great club with over one hundred and forty years  of history could be defeated by this new creation of the AFL, is unthinkable.  But there we are, the Dons are to play the Gold Coast Meter Maids at [Read more]

The View From Shepparton: Rd 6

The View” has been delivered late this week as the events organiser and myself have made a sudden decision to relocate within Shepparton. We found this retirement village with facilities that one could only dream of, for example a  library, a table tennis table (very important)! a bar, gym, 15 metre lap pool,a gold star [Read more]

Haiku Bob Rd 6: clear moments after

wet afternoon the football used as a lure Johnno subbed off the game loses a little right-side brain sprinting in the clear then on meeting Luke Ball stopped wind-tossed rain a perfect pass by mistake moon strains through clouds a goal clear moments after watering my dead plant Leeroy explodes to life the rain lighter [Read more]

Suns thrashing reflects Power failure and a team in disarray

By Sasha Lennon There’s been a fair bit of talk since Sunday afternoon (mostly by Bombers fans) following Essendon’s record-breaking 139 point annihilation of the Gold Coast Suns at Etihad Stadium. Some will say it’s a sign of how undeveloped the new northern franchise is.  Others will claim it’s a clear indication of just how [Read more]

Bombers feast on Suns

by Andrew Else “Och that’s a sin. They’re gunna thrash them” Trust my Mum to start feeling sorry for a team with a borrowed, un-original name that wears a glorified training jumper. How a person raised on the streets of Glasgow could have sympathy to such a conglomerate baffles me. “C’mon Mum, just think of all [Read more]

Admiral Byng-inspired Malthouse leads Pies to victory

by John Ramsdale Game Report v’s Footscray Sunday May 1st 2011 I’ll get it out the way early. A ridiculous time to have a game, but clearly 55,754 others didn’t agree with me.  At least it wasn’t at Docklands. I went to the game with some misgivings, no Jolly (he was very good last week), [Read more]

A full day of football

Last Friday, I had a full day of football. It started at 12 noon (well actually, it was about an hour later when host and guest turned up). It was the monthly Footy Almanac luncheon at the Clyde Hotel in Carlton, and Ted Hopkins was the Guest of Honour. Many years ago I was an [Read more]

The Five Stages of Death and Dying

Denial: I got my NAB Cup footy record so I’ve got my list of all the opposition players, as well as my TV recording as well as my comfortable armchair.  So my feet are up after a day in my studio listening to North Melbourne get their first win for the season.  I have been [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Is The Competition a movable feast or what?  First up – on the Thursday night over on the balmy Indian Ocean Shore – The Fuchsias fell in a screaming heap against The Weagles.  For the Friday night we switch to the Harbour City [Read more]

Essendon V Gold Coast

By Steve Healy A game of football holds thousands of variables. But one known fact had already been set in stone- Essendon would win this match. As a result of that, it’d be a fantastic, fun and ambitious day with my favourite loyal, Essendon supporting friend James Rate. And what a pleasure this would be, [Read more]

True Blue Bloods Shine

Many seemed preoccupied on Friday with a certain royal to-do over in old Blighty (not Malcolm), but those of a more discerning palate would have been privileged to watch a pair of true Blue bloods in action: firstly at the Clyde Hotel for the Footy Almanac lunch, where Ted Hopkins entertained and illuminated as guest [Read more]

A new deal, a wedding, and the football

Yesterday the AFL signed away their television rights for 2012-2016. They will receive $1.25 billion from Foxtel for the rights to broadcast every AFL game live on Fox. It’s a win for the X% of the 30% of Australians who subscribe to Foxtel and are interested in the game. For everyone else, well there’s a [Read more]

Friday Night Swans Hit Wrong Note

As the wise Rebecca Black once said, “It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday”. It turns out that the Sydney Swans did just that. Sydney was hosting Carlton at the SCG last Friday night. It was a different experience for the Swans who hadn’t played a Friday night game in a home and away [Read more]

Tough Thursday for Waaia and Melbourne

I remember just a couple of seasons ago, a game at the MCG late in the season between these two sides. The stands at the grand old stadium were basically stripped bare as two former great teams fought it out, trying to keep themselves furtherest away from rock bottom. The likes of Jack Watts and [Read more]

Contenders and Pretenders: the story of the Eagles and Melbourne

Part of the joy of football is playing out the what-if scenarios before a game.  That is why sports betting has become so popular – we all like to think we have some unique insight into how our teams will perform. Melbourne against the West Coast at Subiaco on a Thursday evening after Easter (can [Read more]

The Pre Wrap – Round VI

by John Mosig FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Gnomes in the Bowels of Jellymont House have extracted $1.253 billion from the broadcasters for the Ayatollah’s next five-year plan.  We haven’t heard from the Oval Office yet but Sydney’s Dual Brownlow Medallist has put his hand up [Read more]

Round 6 Blog

G’day Sportsfans Tough round for tipsters. Can Sydney prevail at home? Who is improving more quickly: the Tiges or the Lions (in the QEII match)? Surely the Crows will find a way to win on the wide open spaces of their home ground? And how far the Pies against a flat early-season Doggies side (who [Read more]

Twilight Tradition

By Adam Gruer It’s a big game this Sunday at the G between my boys, The Filth and the Kennel Coughs. My mate J, a son of the west, and I tend to get loose when we go to the footy together and have enjoyed some very messy encounters between our two sides in recent [Read more]