When Travis saved the world

John Harms has always loved Travis Varcoe. This piece was published in 2011.

The Uncontrollable Smile

By Vincent Tan I like Melbourne. I like that “Before the Game” is actually shown before the game. I like that I can sit at a pub and have absolutely no compulsion to zip up my jacket to hide my navy blue and white hoops for fear of ridicule and the inevitable drunken comment about [Read more]

Well I guess Chappy’s happy…but Hawks should not despair

By Sasha Lennon Last week I berated one Paul Chapman for boldly claiming that “never again” will the Cats lose to the Hawks in a Grand Final. Actually, he meant never again, full stop.  And sure enough Chappy was true to his word. I still reckon the Cats are doing it the hard way (did [Read more]

Round 5 Hawthorn v Geelong April 26 2011

Round 5 Hawthorn v Geelong April 26 2011 It started out as a day of no-shows. First, Sport Boy’s mate Dylan piked it on the morning of the game. (That family membership I bought with the extra kid’s ticket has been a waste of money so far.) We caught the early train so we could [Read more]

Chappy’s pact remains intact

The two arch-rivals prepare to do it all again. Mooney is a late scratching. Menzel the Magician (leading the goal kicking at Geelong) is named as substitute. The match begins under glorious hazy sunshine. I’m standing among a bunch of triumphal Hawthorn fans. Where is Charles Darwin when we need him? The message emanating from [Read more]

Another one for the history books

by Josh Barnstable Hawthorn v Geelong It looked as if everything had gone back in time. September 27, 2008, a sunny day at the MCG, with the stands packed to the rafters. Grand Final day, the Hawks and the Cats. But no, this was April 26, 2011. Replace the names of Dew, Crawford and Williams [Read more]