FPS Report- Rd 3: Collingwood V Carlton 8 April 2011

By Paul Harkin Can there be a better prelude to a game than to unfurl the premiership flag from the previous season? I don’t think so. The ceremony was handled tastefully. No overhype, but enough to show the football world who is the current boss. The sight of Lou Richards and other legends of the [Read more]

Magpies and Blues Share the Love, But Not The Points

To listen to some media hype is to believe that when the clans of Carlton and Collingwood gather for contest, ruckus melee and mayhem are assured. That the bays of the MCG will resemble King St on a bad night. That riot police are on standby. This is of course a nonsense. It is one [Read more]

Haiku Bob- Round 3: the height of the moon

old rivals – the crowd’s roar tossed on the breeze the club legend retired now who won nothing but their hearts* moon and stars – the rovers await Jolly’s tap pockets of snow soon will vanish – Blues purple patch up the ground and back again Swan’s shadow admiring the height of the moon – [Read more]

My Greatest Live Experiences have Occurred in an Arena

As discovered by Rob Scott. As translated by Google. By Johan Croneman Did you see Carlton v Collingwood yesterday? Great game, a red-hot derby, live on Eurosport. All of Melbourne is said to have stood still. The game is a sort of cross between rugby and football played on an oval field with an oval [Read more]

Collingwood v Carlton: A race against time

By Domenic Favata It’s Friday, school’s out and the stage of the MCG awaits us as I leave home for the train station. The night is primed to be a good one, as I am joined by four mates (2 Collingwood, 1 Carlton, 2* neutral- including me) who are all anticipating a cracking night of [Read more]

Not another flag?

  Collingwood v Carlton School. It had been really getting me down. These past 10 weeks have been really… Actually, no, I think you’ve all heard enough about the struggles of my Year 11 life. In fact, school’s been great, the workload is tough but I’m coping fine. The Easter holidays have now begun, but [Read more]