Let me introduce you to Bob. He is softly spoken, barracks for the Sydney Swans and most of the time is invisible (He has been known to take form in figurines, footballs and various other Swans memorabilia.) Dad, an old Bloods supporter, (and the whole side of his family) managed to get me to support [Read more]

Under the Southern Cross

  by John Green  Who would have thought it? Richmond playing September footy. Up the escalators from Southern Cross Station. It’s the annual Eureka game honouring the birth of Australian democracy on the Ballarat goldfields in 1854 and the contribution of Australia’s workers to the development of our nation. That’s the miners, not the soldiers [Read more]

Saying goodbye to the Dogs: 2011

  by Kerrie Soraghan  It’s the second last week of the season, and we’re at the ‘G’, watching the Dogs take on the Hawks. We’ve gone along, not thinking we’re a chance to win, but because that’s just what you do when you’re a Dogs fan. You turn up with stoicism, switch on the self-deprecating humour, [Read more]

Happy Father’s Day

by Josh Barnstable I am so glad my dad isn’t a Carlton or Essendon supporter. For two reasons mainly. #1 – The DVD pack of every Grand Final win we got him for Fathers Day featured just the 5 DVD’s, not 16, therefore a much lower price. #2 – who WOULD want a dad that [Read more]

Haiku Bob – round 24: some buds open

spring evening squealing cats spoil my dreams packed ‘G long after the goal I hear it fast moving clouds a chain of handpasses ends with a goal the curved path of the moon — Fasolo from the pocket last drinks our last goal turns out to be our last filling the half-empty stadium final siren [Read more]

Saints v Blues; Schneider here and there!

I was filled with a sense of foreboding as I sat up in the Ponsford andCarltonran onto the ground. No Jamison, no Carrazzo, the enigmatic Thornton rested and no jumpin’ Jarrod Waite up forward. A pointless match for a four points and all the omens were bad While St. Kilda warmed up intensely, the Blues [Read more]

Confident, Confused, Content

With the Hawks in winning form and the finals upon us, I’m feeling quietly confident, though a little confused. I’d written the Cats off just a week ago.  I’ve been writing them off all year.  All season, I’ve watched and waited for the once mighty to fall, their gallant but weary warriors unable to defy [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES SPORT What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Firstly, let’s find out if that runaway wheel that spun off the Carringbush Bandwagon hit anyone.  They can build up a good deal of speed and do some severe damage.  Especially to those riding up in the front of The Bandwagon.  The Hawks [Read more]

Tigers vs Roos: An Abu Dhabi Perspective

At 7.00 am on a Sunday in Abu Dhabi it is 34 degrees and the humidity is rising. My aim today is to survive working, as well as get a good live radio stream of the last game of the last round of AFL football for 2011, that of my beloved tigers and the kangaroos. [Read more]


Pendlebury.   The pub was small and full. There was a great no-name band crammed into the corner, a few loose units dancing, people in booths talking, everybody pushing like mud rivers to get to get drinks, to the smoker’s section, to and from the fire. I wore them all, and the music, like a [Read more]

We don’t have the Blues this morning…

We’ll start with a generic question:  do the Saints have to always put us through so much misery and tension before we reach happiness at the end of the night? It seems so.  Saints supporters like me went to the Game at the MCG last night feeling pretty mixed.  A win meant a home, Etihad, [Read more]

Floreat Pica: Take Your Pick

By Paul Fahey Round 24 Vs Geelong 2011   The first weekend in September is usually reserved for the first weekend of AFL finals – we have to be thankful that this was NOT the case this year! As this game was a “dead rubber” I believe that you the type of person you are [Read more]

Friday Night Footy 360

Ever since the shock loss to Sydney ended the Cats four year unbeaten run at Kardinia Park last week all and sundry have been declaring “Geelong are wobbly”, “The Cats are vulnerable” and “Hawthorn are now the biggest threat to Collingwood”. Funny how they seem to have forgotten that we’ve beaten Hawthorn twice this season [Read more]

Bless ‘Em All – Eagles V Crows

Subiaco Oval – 5.10pm WST Saturday 3 September 2011 A final round game with nothing at stake. The Eagles are finals bound. The Crows are bound for Mad Monday with the aim of ‘drinking to forget’ a season of loss and disappointment. It is an odd feeling going to the match. None of the expectation [Read more]

Happy Cats

Sainter Yvette Wroby helps the Cats celebrate Friday night. Will they be celebrating this time next week?

Collingwood’s Loss is Australia’s Gain

“My fellow Australians, I speak to you tonight to announce that I will be standing down immediately as Prime Minister of this great country.  Over the past year I have given my all to this country that I love so much, and that has given me so much. But I have to acknowledge that the [Read more]

Round 24: Blog

So what to make of that effort? Or lack thereof. Lucky we’ve been assured there’s no such thing as tanking. It would have been more polite for the Pies to alert everyone (ala the Hawks) that they were taking all this Irrelevant Round stuff to heart. Might have saved people the effort of turning up. [Read more]

Sal’s Tips Round 24

What a great idea from the AFL to have a theme for the final round of footy – The Seinfeld Round – the round about nothing!  Only two games that can vaguely shape the 8 in determining where Sydney and St Kilda wrestle and other games that might determine draft pick 15 and 16.  The [Read more]