Dream Over?

Sydney and St.Kilda: two teams infamous for their slow style of football, and boring – at times frustrating – game plan. The flood, stoppage football and backwards kicking, were what most would have been expecting out of this game. Both though, found themselves playing a ‘mini-final’ in round 22 at ANZ stadium. For St.Kilda, a [Read more]

Spirits High, Goal Achieved

As part of our unit 2 of Outdoor and Environmental Studies, we are forced to travel up to the high country, hike with ridiculous snow gear on, pitch a tent and freeze our asses off. But don’t get me wrong, I love the outdoors and challenging myself to an adventure, but does it have to [Read more]

Saints Round 21: Going Down the Toilet

Yvette Wroby’s take on the weekend.

The Footygods: Elpis

The greeks were funny about hope. Some of them thought that there wasn’t much point having hope because the gods would do you in anyway. Some thought that hope only existed to make your suffering even worse. But they did give hope a minor goddess; Elpis; a young woman who held flowers in her hands. [Read more]