Haiku Bob Round 21: length of the wing

  full moon Leon in every passage         a forward thrust as far as Tarrant’s fist and no further         six points such cheap reward for Wellingham’s goal         buds begin to flower — Fasolo plucks one from the pack         tucked under [Read more]

Collingwood vs St Kilda Round 21 2011

Factors such as a resurgent St Kilda keen on extending its long winning streak; a six day break following a road trip and a match played in very wet conditions meant that this game had some danger associated with it. There had been a big build up during the week with strong media emphasis on [Read more]

Life’s drama: another week in the life of Yvette Wroby and the St Kilda FC

A Wedding, an almost Funeral, two wins and a loss and farewell to the Vikings… It’s been quite a week.  The wedding was at Butleigh Wotton, a beautiful, historic venue, an intimate and beautiful ceremony, a yummy meal and lots of dancing.  In the middle of the dancing, a family friend collapses.  I am the [Read more]