Haiku Bob Round 21: length of the wing

  full moon Leon in every passage         a forward thrust as far as Tarrant’s fist and no further         six points such cheap reward for Wellingham’s goal         buds begin to flower — Fasolo plucks one from the pack         tucked under [Read more]

From anxious to frustrated

  by Jake “Cobba” Stevens   It was a few weeks ago since I had last been to a Swans game. And it was fair to say that their previous efforts hadn’t satisfied me. Last weeks result against Essendon was disappointing. A few weeks ago Fremantle (and Chamberlain) had gotten the best of the Swans. [Read more]

The double torp

I think I saw one of the great goals on Sunday evening. It came as Theo and Anna were trashing the bathroom. The details (of both incidents) remain a little sketchy. The thing I am most confident of is that Anna (two years old next week) tipped about 12.7 litres of water on to the [Read more]

Dons too good on the night.

Here I am, home alone, as a mad Cats fan, writing about the Dons and the Doggies game.  I hate the Bombers with a passion but I do hope they win, for two reasons. Firstly the dogs have been a disappointment all year and don’t deserve a finals series, and secondly, I tipped the Dons. [Read more]

Collingwood vs St Kilda Round 21 2011

Factors such as a resurgent St Kilda keen on extending its long winning streak; a six day break following a road trip and a match played in very wet conditions meant that this game had some danger associated with it. There had been a big build up during the week with strong media emphasis on [Read more]

Life’s drama: another week in the life of Yvette Wroby and the St Kilda FC

A Wedding, an almost Funeral, two wins and a loss and farewell to the Vikings… It’s been quite a week.  The wedding was at Butleigh Wotton, a beautiful, historic venue, an intimate and beautiful ceremony, a yummy meal and lots of dancing.  In the middle of the dancing, a family friend collapses.  I am the [Read more]

Round 21 Blog

Four rounds to go and all bar the top two spots are still in contention, which makes week crucial from here. Tonight, we find out if the Saints are really making ground on the top sides. Tomorrow, the Hawks would expect to dine out on the Power. Both Fremantle and Carlton will be desperate for [Read more]

Sydney Musings

I was beginning to think I’d lost almost all enthusiasm for Australian Football.  Barely skimming the news, catching a few minutes of a game here and there, a near-unbridgeable four points off the leader in the tipping comp. It doesn’t help being a Swans fan.  Early this season, they cost me a mobile phone; hurled [Read more]

Sal’s Tips: Round 21

Hello Again All, Again this week I found myself as a tormented soul.  After agreeing with Jeff Kennett last week, I found myself this week agreeing with Mick on the widening gap between top and bottom teams.  Fortunately order was restored with Kennett blowing out again with his patronising crap on Tasmania and more thought [Read more]