Floreat Pica Society Report – Carlton vs Collingwood, Round 17, Saturday July 16 2.10 p.m. MCG

Saturday afternoon. Traditional time to attend a footy match. Pies versus Blues, traditional clash with traditional rivals. Only the venue is non Traditional. I am going to the footy with my friend Peter, with whom I have been going to Pies games for seventeen years and my friend Michael. The last time I went to [Read more]

Collingwood are annoying

God, I forgot how annoying playing Collingwood is. I started what I expected to be a nice day, with a late invitation to the dining room at the ‘G. Lucky I was dressed for it & left work early, caught the train in with great expectations. Question: When did Magpie supporters become “gentrified” and take [Read more]

3 Votes to Eddie as Pies find on-field kumbaya

Those of a non-Collingwood persuasion, which – despite the efforts of sections of the media to imply otherwise – still constitutes the overwhelming majority of the football world, have long become familiar with the Magpies’ desire to dominate the agenda. After all, in the Collingwood world view, it is all about them. But even by [Read more]

Maggies let their football do the talking

By John Sandy Round 17 Carlton v Collingwood I am someone who believes that you don’t choose your football team but it is something that is given to you at birth. In my case, my father grew up in Clifton Hill within walking distance of Vic Park and so all of his children simply followed [Read more]