Bomber Return

  Essendon versus Geelong – 7.10pm, Saturday, 2 July – Docklands Stadium   by Phil Dimitriadis Geelong fans were treated with contempt by Mark Thompson last year. The brooding surliness and lack of respect he showed extracted understandable displays of righteous anger from the Cat’s faithful. Yet he coached them to a drought-breaking premiership and [Read more]

Apprentices Roll the Foremen

What is the opposite of a ‘spring in your step’? Whatever it is, that is what I had last Saturday night at about 6pm. It was about that time that I was dashing across South rd to hop on the train leaving Brighton Beach station. My side had just lost to a fellow finals contender by [Read more]

Pokemon Footy

About 10 years ago, when I was a happy little prep, before school I would wake up extra early just so I could watch Pokémon on Cheez TV. Ah those were the days! I also remember running around with my ‘Gameboy Color’, and playing Pokémon Blue, trying to ‘catch them all!’ But one of my [Read more]

under the press

  jet lag fog — Daisy handballs over his head to his opponent   low cloud — Hawks wilting under the press   leaves gone — Cloke leads into the space   murky day– Cloke’s hands trap the light   flags flutter on top of the scoreboard — the kick doesn’t come back   night [Read more]

Pies blanket Hawks in Blankety Blankless game

  by Damon Robb Blan-ket –verb (used with object) 1. to obscure or obstruct; interfere with; overpower In the immortal words of 70s commentator Peter Landy, the Collingwood v Hawthorn game was a game of two halves for me.   The first half I was at the game in standing room behind the Pies cheersquad; the [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES SPORT   What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Suffering continued in the Longroom as once more The High Flying Flag was lowered to halfmast as The Sons of Lazarus Came Out Snarling & Biting on Friday night.  TLSPRF watched their season flash before their eyes as The Silvertails ran [Read more]

“Just” ends up being good enough.

An English psychoanalyst  Winnicott came up with the phrase “good enough mothering” where he relieved the anxiety of millions of mothers (and later parents) when he talked not about being a perfect mother (parent) but a good enough one.  The difference was in being present and available.  There is an inbuilt need that there be [Read more]

Kota Kinabalu

It’s late Sunday afternoon and I haven’t slept since Friday night.  I flew out of Tullamarine midnight Saturday and landed in Kota Kinabalu, via Kuala Lumpar,  10 am this morning local time. I’m surviving on a mixture of adrenaline that accompanies arriving in a new place,  some chicken and rice concoction I found in this [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN   What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Players v Sepp Demetriou saga rolls on with no end in sight.  If the passion and turn out at Crown the other night is any indication, the Players are in for the long haul.  Words such as fair & equitable, [Read more]

Round 15 Blog

Last week’s result’s threw open some positions in the top eight, making several of this week’s games crucial. I.E: tonight under the roof. The Dogs will still be hoping finals, while the Dees will be thinking a win here could help the cause considerably. Richmond and Carlton now has added urgency for both clubs after disappointing losses. [Read more]