Harmony Sainters’ style

Love and death. Or on the hip side of the Yarra: sex and death. That would be the St Kilda side. (Of the Yarra) Love and death. It’s the sum total of it all. Saturday night and I am in the kitchen dealing with kids. I have been occupying them, entertaining them, playing with them, [Read more]

He’s alright, this [Geelong player*] *insert your preferred young’un

    He’s alright, this kid Menzel.   In 2007 when the Cats finally won a flag, I was in London desperately searching for a pub that was showing the game at two in the morning. As the opening bounce drew closer I knew that we were going to win, and that I wasn’t going [Read more]

St Kilda’s Night of the Living Dead

Considering the top shelf drama that games between these two clubs have provided in recent years, this was a night more notable for what was missing than what actually transpired. No Ablett. No Selwood. No Hayes. After a few minutes, no Bartel. But most significantly, no St Kilda.

The very many things I learned or “Were you watching and learning from the Clinic Geelong put on tonight?”:

Don’t play the same team that Geelong keep beating.  Other than Stevens, all were older and none the wiser playing against the top team so far this year. Don’t kick out of bounds. If you are going to pick up a Geelong player, can we get a better one please? Don’t expect the old guard [Read more]